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Which is the most beaut girl’s name? Cast your votes now

It’s definitely Olivia

Often it doesn't matter what someone looks like or their personality, they are just fit because of their name.

Girls voted Freddie as the hottest name for a guy, so in the interest of fairness we got a group of boys to tell us what the fittest girl's name is so you can crown a winner.


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“Husky voice and definitely has a very nice house in Surrey with many different rooms where her Dad can be unimpressed with your presence in. Have you ever met a Jess who isn’t fit??”

“Has a matching Michael Kors watch and bag, which she still religiously wears from her 16th birthday. Longs for a French Bulldog to put in said Michael Kors bag.”


“She probably studies English Lit, dark and mysterious, but you don’t mind because she seems to have her life together.”

“Potential to be flouncy and call herself a princess in every Facebook status, Instagram caption, Snapchat etc. Lives for anything pink and glittery.”

“Quite chilled and has good hair.”


“True to her counterpart flower. Just as the metaphorical nature of a daisy, she’s innocent, fun, charming, and above all, not to mention, great with parents.”

“Likes dogs and dog memes more than she could ever love you.”

“Edgy fit.”


“Will be really charitable and kind and make you look like a dick because you’re not as charitable and kind. Her summer is spent in Uganda building a primary school, whilst you’re in Croatia with the boys.”

“She sounds like she dyes her hair all different colours, generally looks a bit messy, but really pulls it off. Definitely enjoys and all-nighter and drinks you under the table.”


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“All girls called Florence, or Flo for short, are posh and fit with long blonde hair and a good tan.”

“Has very big opinions on whether Jane Austen was a better writer than Charlotte Bronte.”


“Definite pints girl, essential for the pub.”

"Going out with a girl who can abbreviate her name to Jaz is always a good thing.”

“Girls called Jasmine are always naturally stunning and tanned, but they’ll pie you off for some wanker who treats them badly.”


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“So basic. Her camera roll is made up of selfies and she’s obsessed with makeup brands you presume are names of her friends Charlotte Tilbury or Bobbi Brown. Regardless you like everyone of her Insta photos.”

“She’s like a girl fuckboy.”


“Basically the better, more exotic version of Sophie.”


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“You’ll never be good enough."

“The best trainer collection in the world. She doesn’t have any money to go to the pub or dinner, but she will always have good shoes.”

"Fit glasses, enjoys going for a pint with the lads. Will flirt with you by rinsing you."


“Has been to Thailand twice. Both times her dad paid for it, no sweat.”

“So posh, went to Millfield and plays lacrosse. Her parents canvas for the Conservatives during elections."

“All the Indias I know tend to have nice long brown hair and some kind of tattoo from their travels abroad – probs an elephant.”


“Will dump you as soon as you suggest going to Pizza Express for dinner. She won’t even go to Prezzo.”

“You can’t not think of Paris Hilton.”

“She wear heels all the time and has scary make-up eyes.”


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"You can never hate a Kelly. Ever."


“The type of girl who would’ve revelled in peanutting you in school.”

“Sidneys only have brothers and are always a little bit too boisterous. They probably have a bit of a coke habit now."

“Arty, but in fit way and doesn’t make you go to galleries all the time.” – Rosie

“Sweet, lives in her dressing gown. Eats lots of biscuits.”

“Rosies are genuinely pretty fun. They’ll always know good lunch places.”

“She’s got a posh girl gone wild vibe for sure.”


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“Ask anyone who’s seen Peep Show and they’ll tell you that a Suze/Suzie is a dime a dozen. Yeah, she’ll be privately educated, own a horse, and speak the Queen's tongue, but you’ll melt like butter when she’s talking to you, even if its about seminar work.”


"Literally named after the Queen."


"Natalies enjoy rose wine and still watch Eastenders. They’re relatively regional and will work somewhere like Debenhams as a manager. You’ll find her out every weekend to Slug & Lettuce with the gals."


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“Always tiny/short but feisty and fit af."

“Will par you off and leave you the minute she finds something better.”

“Smokes a lot of rollies, and always looks a bit dishevelled, but in a fit way."


“Always fitter than Georginas.”

“Goes out without a jacket, even in the middle of winter, because she’s so boozed up on vodka cranberries. Will probably get in a spat with the bouncers but has the charm to win them round by the time you get to the front of the club queue, securing you £1 off the babe.”

“Always immaculately dressed and perfect makeup. You rarely see a Georgia who’s not a straight 10.”


“Probably owns a horse, plays hockey and says the word ‘snog’ to describe how she kisses.”

“Poppys are always either the popular girl in your school everyone hates, or the girl in your friendship group everyone hates. It’s usually down to the fact she’s truly better and fitter than everyone."


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“Mollie will always be involved in some kind of drama.”

“Curly blonde hair, has a nice Labrador and is very outdoorsy. Probably enjoys camping holidays, and shagging in tents."


"Fit, was sporty until she went to a cool uni and now spends most of her time completely spangled. Now she’s fit and wears glitter."

"Camilla, Mills Millie – all great variations of the same name. It exudes elegance – you can basically hear the jarring tones of her posh dialect seeping into your head now. Milly’s always have very nice watches."


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“When have you ever met a Lucy who isn’t fun?”

“Smile that will light one thousand rooms. You’ll fancy her for years. Until you die.”


“Lilys are always fit and tanned.”

“Always look perfectly manicured. But at the cost of you waiting around about two hours for her to get ready.”


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“Loud, confident, but an absolute legend, I’m so glad I met her!!”

“Laurens the kind of person who says yes to everything and then finds herself signed up to 25 clubs, two jobs and absolutely no social life. Although she’s perfect wife material she probably won’t have time for you unless you scarily fit in to the hectic life so just do yourself a favour and admire from afar.”

“Laurens always wear ripped knee jeans, it’s like they have a secret club of all the Laurens in the world and that’s the one and only rule.”


"If Grace is good enough for Tommy Shelby, who himself is fit, then all Graces are subsequently good enough for us lesser blokes."


“Super preppy and dead set on getting a really good grad scheme. Will probably end up divorced.”

"Will always remember your birthday and other dates. Excellent present buyer."

"Kate and Wills called their child Charlotte, so must be good."


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“Will be immaculately dressed because she only shops in Zara."

“Picks up a serious smoking habit the moment it gets above 15 degrees and the pub gardens open."


“Has a Fiat 500 colour in mint green and insists on driving you and your mates everywhere in it so she can be seen around town in it. McDonald’s, Lidl, to the club – she’s taking you. She probs won’t even charge for petrol.”

“She went on an expedition to Nairobi over summer and did charity work, but mostly Instagrammed the whole experience. Works at Waitrose when she’s home.”


“Corinne is chilled, she is low maintenance and has good vibes. But will respond to your texts in 3-5 working days.”


"Athletic, likes the gym. Belly button piercing. Has lots of fit gym mirror selfies."

“She’ll have cute baby hair still.”


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“I swear every single girl called Annabel you ever meet is tall, blonde, fit and posh.”

“Probably quite bossy, tall, blonde and has plaits. Definitely snitched on you in school."


“Regal, like Princess Fiona in Shrek, before she turned into an ogre.”


“Issa beautiful.”

“Has a massive family and lives in a huge house in the Home Counties. Her dad and brothers fucking hate you.”

“Has a subscription to Tatler, knows four people in each issue.”


“All Emmas are just ‘nice girls’. They won’t know who the current Prime Minister is, and the Brexit debate flummoxes them. They can, however, tell you the full Eurovision line up and who won Big Brother in 2007, essential knowledge for any pub quiz.”

“Always sounds like she has a cold, in a good way.”


“Has really nice long brown hair and probably wears no shoes.”

“A total nutcase. She’s got the impulsive sexiness that you can’t resist but you always end up in some weird mess and it’ll end up being your fault.”


“Olivia’s are guaranteed to be a 8/10 and above. Olivia, Liv, Livvie, whatever the variation it always sounds fit. She’ll be girlfriend material, and finally a girl who your guy mates will admit to liking.”

“Bit of a princess and quite high maintenance. She’ll refuse to go home any way other than an Uber but that somehow makes her fitter.”

“Olivias are always on holiday.”

“Fit hockey girl. Nice house in Surrey.”


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“Mamma Mia!!"

“She wears really brightly coloured clothes to make up for the fact that she’s quite boring.”

“Probably Italian, definitely want a pizza her.”


“Went to uni and disappeared off the face of the earth. Probably joined a really girly society like pole dancing and only talks to them now.”

“Bit all over the place so keeps you guessing which is one of the F I T T E S T things going.”


“Girls called Rachel are usually fierce and have a big personality. They’re fashionable and always in the know.”


“Does Primary Education and is always humming. Owns a hamster.”


“You’ll always feel a bit intimidated.”

“Emilys shop in River Island and always wear heels on a night out. She’s only just got over the concealer on lips phase.”

"Has lots of flowery Cath Kidston things around her room – the kind of stuff you buy your mum on Mother’s Day. Loves bunting and baking."

“Just like, really normal? Maybe with some daddy issues. Here’s hoping.”


“Caitlin is arty, she’s quirky and she’s always going to be a mystery."

“Will have a love affair with Echo Falls. Spends most her time in the girls’ loos crying hysterically or making new friends.”


“Definitely gonna be a fit mum.”

“Makes you think of that scary blonde woman from friends who’s like “Monica dahling”. I don’t think she’s even called Amanda but it’s just what comes to mind.”


"Biblically fit."


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“Beths are always reliable all-rounders. Easy to get on with, generally the nice girl.”

“Beths are lovely through and through. She might roast someone on a night out, but it’ll be justified and she’s lovely to those who she likes. Probably off in Spain on a placement year.”


“Has a skin care routine perfected, doesn’t use plastic bags and definitely wears hareem trousers. Who doesn’t love an eco warrior?”

“Buys everything at Lush.”


“Lives in hareem pants and is generally a bit skatty. Gives up uni for being a yoga teacher. Her whole house smells like incense. She loves Cowspiracy.”

“All about girl power and making the world a better place. Wants to be in love but doesn’t want a relationship, so help her out and be the perfect match with every relationship aspect but do not call her your girlfriend, unless she says it’s okay. Just an all round lovely girl.”


“Dropped out of college and became a makeup artist, now has a second Insta like LeahMUA.”

“She’s fit but in a really normal way. And would deffo bitch about her other mates if they were fitter.”


“Absolutely mad.”

“Bit of a princess. Have you ever met a Lydia without a complex?"


“Bakes every weekend and has a seperate Instagram for it. Is obsessed with crockery.”

“Girls called Pippa are always really cute. And posh. You’d deffo want to bring her home to your parents.”


“Will definitely have a personalised number plate.”

“A 10/10, but will start a fight with you if you start on one of her girls.”

“You’ll tag her in a meme and she’ll laugh along even though she’s been tagged 100 times already by other people, cos she’s an all round nice girl.”

“Never without a drink in hand, and it’s probably a Pornstar Martini.”


“Terrifying. But still fit, she’s scary fit.” – Andrew


“West London posh fit. The sort of girl you would’ve dreamt of getting with in Bunga Bunga when you were 17 years old.”


“Smokes a lot of weed and still likes My Chemical Romance.”

“Alex has a fitness Instagram account and is always in a bikini."


“Will cheat on you with her best mate who she went travelling with.”


“Lil bit naughty.”

“Will be most-swiped right on Tinder at her uni.”


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“Posts regular Instas of her new nails, and is your typical pretty girl. She’s done a lot of travelling, but couldn’t fit all her stuff in a rucksack so it’s just a bunch of elaborate holidays really.”

“Rides horses and fills her Instagram with them. Wears faux fur and riding boots at every social event possible.”

“She’s so annoying but she’s fit enough that you always cave and shag her again when you’re drunk.”


“You’ll get with her on a night out but it’ll turn into a long term relationship because you won’t wanna stop snogging her once you’ve started.”

“She’s a bit nuts. Like shag her on a one night stand and then she won’t leave you alone.”


“Does acting or drama, wears camo trousers and vintage garms.”

“An absolute firecracker. Will definitely be a liability on a night out.”


“Honestly, what an absolutely amazing person. She’s a beast, always happy, always a hug away.”


“Bit like Tara off The Inbetweeners.”

“I think Tara is really good at netball and would be pretty wild in bed.”

“Cokey fit.”


“All I can imagine is someone who’s really good at tennis?”

“Will wear glitter for any occasion, even to Nando’s.”


“She’ll be super tall, like a supermodel, and have really really nice clothes. She’s one of those girls who is universally liked by everyone.” – Josh


“She’s feisty, but secretly racist, that’s for sure.”

“Popular, goes to an all girls school, the one everyone fancies.”


“Has a pet rabbit.”

“She seems really boring at first but once you break through the shyness she’s an absolute freak in bed.”


“Doesn’t have a full-on BDSM dungeon, but definitely owns a few trinkets.”

“Is still into Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”


“FWF (Fit with freckles).”

“Very laddy, can strawpedo five VK in under and minute and will still get laid.”

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Contributions from: Lucy Woodham, Jonny Long, Greg Barradale, Georgia Trodd, Hayley Soen, Lauren Reeves, Diyora Shadijanova, Roxy Alejandro, Sophia Miller, Will Langston, Serena Isaac.