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Do Bumble really show the fittest people first? We investigate the algorithm

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This is going to sound a bit mean, but I'm gonna come out and just say it. The more you swipe on Bumble, the more progressively worse the guys get. And that's a fact. So how does Bumble work?

You'll start off with boys who went to Newcastle, Leeds or Manchester. They all have at least one festival pic, one of them and the boys skiing, and probably one with their mum on holiday. They look impeccable – you're pretty sure it's love at first site.

But after lots of left and right swiping, you'll enter a whole different Bumble world. It's one where boys only upload picture which was taken in the dark without the flash. The description reads something like 'just looking for a bit of fun ;)', and they admit they went to Middlesex Uni.

But how do you end up here? How do Bumble order the profiles you see? Will it ever be as good as Freddie from Newcastle who works at Deloitte and has a Golden Retriever puppy?

Bumble have never explained how they rank profiles, but there's plenty of speculation online from techy people who thing they've sussed it. Here are the theories:

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I need answers

People who have swiped-right hoping to match you appear first

Tinder's algorithm works by prioritising the people who have already right-swiped you first, meaning you're more likely to make matches quickly. However this also means you might a lot of matches in the early days and then they might filter out leaving you constantly swiping right with little return.

It's unknown whether Bumble does the same, but because you tend to make more matches in the beginning of your streak it could be true.

It doesn't figure out your type from previous matches

Unfortunately Bumble hasn't clocked on that your vibe is tall, dark and handsome. That you don't like blondes, boys who pose in gym mirrors or girls who Snapchat filter pics. Instead you have to trawl through what everyone else sees as fit, which is a nightmare if your vibe isn't city wanker.

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Why aren't they all like this

If you right-swipe everyone like the desperado you are, you'll be pushed to the back of the queue

According to this site, Bumble's algorithm doesn't favour people who aren't selective. In fact, they'll flag your profile and push you to the back of the queue where you probs won't be seen by any new profiles for a while. Savage.

The most right-swiped profiles in your area appear first

This is the most talked about theory online. It basically means all the fit, or most popular, people appear in your stream first. This is good in some respects as it means you're probably scanning through some 12/10s in the beginning, however the repercussions are you're fighting for a high-prized ticket. Imagine how many matches these people must have…how do they find the time to talk to everyone???

Your profile has to be pretty good to work your way up to the top. It means the people with the single grainy photo and no bio are probably going to appear last.

So if someone tells you they came across your profile early on in their swiping, pat yourself on the back for being so hot.

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