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What girls actually want to hear during sex, by girls

Please just don’t say the wrong name

So you're going to have sex with a girl. Well done! The date obviously went well, you're back at hers and it's all about to go down. But suddenly you're mid sex and you realise not a word has been said. And you ask yourself, what do girls actually want to hear during sex?

Lucky for you, we've consulted our cohort of disappointed girls who know what they want in bed. From communicating properly, to being caring, and actually just making sure you sound like you're having fun, you've got questions, and we've got answers.

Here's what the girls had to say:

Tell me when you’re going to come

I don't want a surprise. Plus, if I'm on top I don't want to end up bouncing away without realising you've cum because well that's just awkward for everybody.

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I want to hear you say my name

And not anyone else’s please lol. It’s so hot when guys are in the zone and aren’t afraid of being vocal.

I want to hear you actually enjoy it so please make one or two sounds

The worst thing is when a guy just lays there and doesn’t sound like he’s enjoying himself at all. Please don’t make it weird and make it feel like I'm fucking a dead body.

Deffo want to hear some form of sound that you're alive

Because necrophilia is super gross (and don't cover your mouth to stop the sound. I want to hear it dude).

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DON’T lie if you came in me

You’re only going to piss me off more if you lie. And don't joke either. Super annoying.

Tell me I look great

And I don’t care if you’re lying

Tell me I’m good in bed

Nothing makes you wanna get on top faster than hearing you’re great in the sack.

Be careful with dirty talk

Some girls like it and some find it uncomfortable. If they seem keen, give it a go then just be confident and see how they respond to everything. You can always tell if a girl is turned on by what you're saying.

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Tell me what feels good so I know what to do more of

If you like something I’m doing during head or sex, just tell me so I can do it again next time. And don’t worry, I’ll deff be doing the same for you when you’re searching for my clit.

Ask if I'm alright if I make a painful noise

Sometimes things can get a lil sore, so checking we’re all good before proceeding to shag us doggy style is always appreciated.

Saying ‘I love you’ is good if you’re in a serious relationship, you’ve said to each other before and it’s romantic sex

If none of those things are the case then do NOT say ‘I love you’.