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Are you writing your dissertation on something mad? We want to hear from you

You’re doing your diss in WHAT

Critics are forever telling me people's mind's are turning to mush via the medium of itvBe and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "You've spent how many hours watching people shagging in Love Island?" confused mums and people who just don't ~get it~ continually ask.

But little do these mums know that actually, this isn't always brain dead activity, sometimes it's academic. There's been a dissertation revolution, and instead of your traditional diss topics such as Freud, the female portrayal in the media and the Vietnam War, heroic students are somehow convincing their tutors to let them write 10,000 words on topics we actually care about.

We've had people write about memes, Beyoncé and Love Island. One genius even wrote their diss on One Direction.

So, how does yours compare? If you think your dissertation tops these, let us know by filling in the form below: