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Sure, Phillip Schofield is hot, but look how H-O-T young Schofe was back in the day

I can’t believe he could possibly be hotter, BUT HERE WE ARE

This Morning is a great programme, and Dancing on Ice was lovely, easy Sunday evening viewing – but there's no need to lie to ourselves anymore.

We're not really that interested in the daily lighthearted magazine show, or a bunch of D-list celebrities trying to not fall over whizzing around an ice rink.

There's only one thing we tune in for, and that is the stunning silver fox that is Phillip Schofield.

In news that brings a little more light into our cruel, dark wold, it turns out that Philip Schofield was even fitter when he was younger. Result.

He may now be praised as the king of Snapchat, but if young Schofe was at university today he'd be that fit varsity boy that does a much edgier sport than rugby or football, probably something like lacrosse or rowing. You'd look over at him on a Wednesday night strawpedo-ing a tropical VK in a shit shirt and instantly fall in love.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these photos of young Phillip Schofield – in one pic he's actually featuring in the "hot hunks" section of a magazine, exactly where he belongs.

I wish he'd look at me like this every single damn day

Joseph and his technicolour dreamboat

Room for another?

naked and afraid #PhillipSchofield

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Smiling because he knows how fit he is

Break my heart. Please, do it


Ugh that intense stare

"Nm just thinking about how peng I am wbu?"

Marry me

This is all getting a bit too much now

I need a copy of this magazine

so who's gonna buy me this?? #PhillipSchofield

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Once an icon, always an icon

I saved the best until last, you're welcome x

what a sort? #PhillipSchofield

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