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Louella Michie, who died at Bestival overdosed on 2C-P, ecstasy and ketamine

A report concludes her airways became blocked, likely from a panic attack

It has been confirmed that Louella Michie, the woman found dead in the woods at Bestival last year, died of a drug overdose after taking a mixture of 2C-P, ecstasy and ketamine.

New toxicology reports show the model would have endured a period of agitation from the drugs, before her airways became blocked.

A drug safety help group commented: "The likely outcome with airway blockage is a panic attack. Neither MDMA or Ketamine can cause respiratory depression.


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"The MDMA come up can be quite jittery and anxious particularly amongst inexperienced users or those who have taken a larger dose than maybe they would have liked.

"Ketamine on an MDMA come up can be rather disorienting and at times quite scary. The mix isn't generally used as Ketamine tends to counter act many of the desired effects of MDMA.

"We would like to express our condolences to the family and our regret about the incident."

It's important to note that this group aren't medical or healthcare professionals specialists and therefore cannot speculate with an autopsy.

Dorset police issued warnings about strong pale blue ecstasy pills that contained an unknown substance and were known to be in circulation at the festival.

Louella attended the festival with her boyfriend Ceon Broughton, 29 from Enfield, who was charged with manslaughter by negligence in connection with her death.

He is due to appear in court next month, to answer the manslaughter charges he faces.


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He was initially arrested on suspicion of murder and supplying a class A drug but later released on bail.

In the UK, the maximum penalties for class A drug possession and supply are seven years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

In a tribute written by her friend last year, she was described as "one of the kindest, most generous, loving, and spectacular humans."

It was said that "her area of London has been left in utter shock and sorrow as a result of her death, there is no doubt that will she will never be forgotten."

The inquest will reopen on 25 June.