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The Baker Hat girl is the casual-glam friend everyone aspires to be

She is imperfectly perfect

Word on the street is that baker boy hats are selling as fast as Joni jeans in Topshop. If that's an indication to go by, it means they're the next big thing.

But no, not everyone can pull off the baker boy hat. Only a small portion of the population can wear this accessory like it was created for them, without looking like a communist Jeremy Corbyn.

This type of girl is super chic, carefree and fun. But she'll also the type of mate who will be brutally honest. She wears cable knit jumpers, turtle necks and probably has short hair which is styled at all times. Her life is spontaneous and put together in ways you wish yours was.

Ladies who lunch…everyday

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She's all about contrasts. She's imperfectly perfect and you wish you were her:

This girl won't take anyone's shit

Her hat guards her from all the negativity in the world, so she's perfectly nice unless you piss her off. She's the friend who is always straight with you, will protect you from every fuckboy that comes your way and will tell you if that dress doesn't accentuate your figure.

Her fashion sense is so on point, she knows all the trends before Urban Outfitters

The Baker Hat girl wears a lot of red or black. Her outfits are always on point because she maintains the same aesthetic over a long period of time. She's quality over quantity and spends her money on cashmere turtlenecks, cosy sweaters and good quality boots.

You'll never catch her looking scruffy, ever

She doesn't wear joggers. She has a matching set of pyjamas. Even when she's hungover, she'll wear light tinted-glasses that will hide her tired eyes. No one knows her secret but she looks effortless and well-dressed all the time.

The best shirt I ever did see. ?

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She might sound high-maintenance but she's surprisingly fun on a night out

It's unexpected, but she's the dark horse when it comes to going out. She knows all the cool, underground places to go to for drinks. Anywhere she goes, she'll bump into a friend and play it off like it's no big deal. She'll know the DJ and she'll get you invited to every single party. She likes to drink fancy G and Ts and exclusively smokes straights.

She has flawless skin at all times

The Baker Hat girl shops at Glossier and that's why she's perfectly illuminated in her Insta photos. She might go heavy on the weekends, but she also has time for face masks and staying hydrated all day.


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You'll try to achieve her look but it's just not the same

After quietly enquiring where she bought her entire outfit, you will go on the Zara website to buy the same chunky knit jumper. You'll be excited to look put together for one day of your life, but when you try it on you will consequently end up looking like you're wearing a bin bag instead.

She's a gal's gal and everyone fancies her

The Baker Hat girl is devoted to her friends. She's the core of the group, the person who low-key holds everyone together. She doesn't even notice it but she has every single boy falling at her feet, yet she's too focused on living her best life to care.