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I’m calling it, History of Art girls are the most beautiful on campus

Rise up, your time is now

Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this is not the case for History of Art girls. No. History of Art girls are universally and objectively God's most beautiful creatures and I will fight anyone to the ground that says otherwise.

They're rare, because the History of Art department is often so small at universities. But when you do spot one, you will never be able to forget her etherial presence.

History of Art girls have been unappreciated for too long, but it's time for a reawakening, or a Renaissance if you will.

Here are all the reasons why they're actually the fittest girls on campus:

They make the best company because they're cultured af

Studying History of Art requires high observational skills and so these girls will always be highly informed about the culture around them. They get niche references in jokes and films, which often go over other people's heads.

When going to an art gallery with them, they'll tell you more about the art than the audio guide you paid £5 for. And they know their Manet from Monet, which is always important.

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They make every accent sound amazing because they're really well spoken and well read

History of Art girls come from all over the country, but their amazing variation of vocabulary just accentuates their accents even more. Never stop talking please.

Their clothes are so cool, they're always ahead of the trends

These girls have incredible collections of coats, jewellery and everything you wish could be yours. And it's all vintage so you can't even copy them. Sigh.

They're insanely good at a sport but will never tell you about it

Not only are History of Art girls fit, they're also physically fit. They've probably been horse riding since they could walk and played first team Lacrosse or Hockey throughout school. They never talk about it but those abs don't just appear from nowhere.

They're well travelled and there's a high chance they speak other languages

Their love for art means they will travel far and wide to see it. They take an annual trips to Venice to see the Biannele and spend long weekends in Paris just to absorb the lifestyle. Chances are, they've lived abroad and so they're probably fluent in another language.

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They're super low maintenance but when they have to dress up, boy do they dress up

Throughout the day the laze around in chilled oversized jumpers and have their hair up in a bun. But when it comes to partying, these girls go the extra mile to look amazing.

On a night out, they will be covered in glitter and have the most kooky outfits. But for a classier affair, they don a silky dress with dainty jewellery.


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They're really into things and full of life

History of Art girls are not boring in any sense of the word. They're interesting in things going around them, they're the funnest people at the party and they love life.

If there's one thing that's guaranteed – it's that you will never be bored in their presence.