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Don’t panic but Instagram is telling people when you screenshot their stories now

Well then, that’s my life ruined

So you know how Instagram is the place for lurking because it won't notify users when you screenshot their stories? Yeah, they're thinking of taking that away from us.

Instagram are testing the feature on a small group of users, where they will notify them if someone screenshots their Insta story.

So the chances of you being one of those people is very small right now, but it doesn't mean the person's story you took a screenshot of isn't in that small test group.

Besides, they might eventually roll it out for everyone and ruin our lives.

This is what it looks like to be notified when someone screenshots your story:

And it's not just screenshots, but Instagram will notify users when people are screen recording their stories too.

Well then everyone, we've had a good run. I guess now we might have to go back to actually living our lives, instead of vicariously living via other people's Insta stories.