Please don’t look at these topless pictures of James Middleton from SOTF unless you’re sitting down

Take this as a warning

Survival of the Fittest is being called the "BTEC version of Love Island", but the first episode was still trashy enough to get everyone hooked:

But there was one guy called James Middleton who caught everyone's attention. And he was fit. So fit, it can't really be put into words. So I'll just let these pictures do the talking:

Ja you’s a dish washer #2018

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Orlebar Brothers ?

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Sun-kissed and in my favourite place ☀️??

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The token posh boy from Fulham went out with Made in Chelsea's Georgia Toffolo, who was recently crowned as the winner of I'm a Celeb.

But there's a lot more to him than that, and here's everything you need to know:

He went to Durham University and was a bit of a BNOC there

Champions #durham #twickers #justcantgetenough

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James studied Philosophy at Durham University and graduated with a 2:1 in 2015. He was at Hatfield College and played rugby for the first XV.

According to someone who knew him from uni, he was "in all the club night photos every week." He was well known because he was fit, but also because he was "really nice to everyone."

He went to Wellington College and got 9 As-A*s in GCSE

Reunion #boysnightonly

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It's a boarding school in Berkshire, which like James, is super posh. He was a straight A student there, a college prefect and head of his house.

At A-Level he studied English, Economics and French.

He is in that West London crowd

Brothers in arms

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At Durham he was friends with people, who like him, also ended up in West London. Basically he's been in those circles his whole life, so he's a part of the Chelsea crowd.

He went out with Toff and apparently broke her heart

Ssshhh ✌️

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The pair have been on and off in the past year, but they split up for good when according to anonymous source, James cheated on Toff with a PR girl.

They said: "James really messed her around when they were together so Toff went ahead and did Celebs Go Dating as a single woman."

He has a brother who looks exactly like him

Wow this family is blessed.

James works as a Sports Account Manager at UNILAD

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On the show last night, he said he worked for a very large media company. According to James' LinkedIn, he's a Sports Accounts Manager for UNILAD.

When he's not partying in West London, he's in charge of managing sport related sales and relationships with UNILAD's commercial customers.

He's also a ski instructor and speaks french

Steak & red the perfect spread ?

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My god, is there anything this guy can't do?