Which sex position do people at your university like the most? We found out

Hot damnnnn

Every year we survey students across the country on their sexual appetite and preferences. The Tab collects responses from all the major British unis and this year, 5,078 of you took part. And now we can reveal each university’s favourite sex position.

Doggy style and Cowgirl were the two most popular sex positions at all UK universities (aside from Reading students who said that Missionary was their favourite).

The top sex position for female students was Doggy style and the men’s favourite was Cowgirl.

The uni that does Doggy style the most was Loughborough, with 50 per cent of their students preferring this position. Loughborough was closely followed by Lincoln with 42.31 per cent and Manchester Metropolitan with 38.1 per cent.

Image may contain: Asleep, Person, People, HumanCowgirl was most popular with St Andrews students and a staggering 38 per cent of them reported it as their favourite. Warwick was second with 33.3 per cent and Sussex in third with 30.17 per cent.

The biggest fans of Missionary were found in Reading, where 17.07 per cent of the students preferred it to any other sex position. Oxford was second with 16.67 per cent and Leicester third with 15.28 per cent.

Bath students were the number one fans of the ‘Spooning’ position, with 14.6 per cent of them picking it.

Manchester Met students were the biggest Spread Eagle enthusiasts with 19.06 per cent of them selecting it as their favourite.

Whilst Straddle His Saddle was most popular with Brookes students, where 11.35 per cent of them picked it.

Here are the results of each uni’s top three favourite sex positions in full:

The national averages

Doggy style was the most popular sex position amongst British students, with 26 per cent of the participants selecting it as their favourite.

In second place was Cowgirl, with 23 per cent of the participants choosing the position in which the woman is on top facing forwards.

In third place came Missionary, with 12 per cent of students choosing the basic sex position.

Here are the national averages in full: