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There’s a theory that Sam Smith and Adele are actually the same person

Pls hear me out

Supposedly Avril Lavigne is actually dead, Lindsay Lohan has a twin which has been murdered by Disney and Lady Gaga killed her best friend who was the original Lady Gaga.

But there is a new theory which is going to leave you shook, because it's slightly more believable.

It all started when someone pointed out that Adele and Sam Smith are the same person, because they're never seen in the same place at the same time.

"Okay sure, but where's the evidence?" I hear you thinking.

Well, someone has sped up a record of 25, Adele's latest album which includes the song "Hello."

When the video starts you hear Adele singing, but when it's slowed down – people are convinced they're hearing Sam Smith.

And people are actually shaken by this new found information.

The video, posted by Jesse Valona, has been retweeted by over a 100,000 times.

And now people are really questioning why they've never seen them in the same place at once.

The whole phenomenon has predictably already turned into a meme.

But doubters aren't convinced. Someone sped up Sam Smith's record to see if it would sound like Adele. It didn't.

Whatever you think is the truth, you've got to admit there needs to be more proof that Adele and Sam Smith truly aren't the same person. We're waiting for it.