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Fact: Husky-voiced girls are the fittest people at uni

She always sounds like she’s been on a ten-night bender

Sometimes, just sometimes, you meet those girls with a husky voice. It won’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a certified fact that they’re going to be fit.

It's a phenomenon that's been slept on. Because those girls are low-key the fittest of them all. They have that raspy voice, which a normal person can only attain after contracting tonsillitis for two weeks or going out every night for a week.

You know who I mean – this girl is super chilled, posh, always looks like she's just got out of bed and will exclusively drink beer on a night out. Yeah, she's fit, but it's only when she speaks that you realise everything about her is fit:

Firstly, her face was made for glitter

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Everyone looks good in glitter. But no one looks as good as this girl. If there's one thing she's guaranteed to have on hand at all times – it's glitter. As the glitter queen in her group, it's her job to ensure her and her friends stay sparkly at all times.

Literally nothing about her is try hard

That's what makes her level of cool so unattainable. She doesn't even try. The most amount of effort she'll put in to something is choosing what jewellery she's going to wear. Her collection includes a lot of statement earrings and her fingers are stacked with silver rings.

But you won't find these things in Topshop. Oh no, she got them on her travels to a country you've never heard of. So they're one of a kind.

She never wears make up, or if she does – it's barely there

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This girl is the only one who can make unbrushed hair look chic. She never wears any make up, and if she does it might be a subtle mascara with a red lip. She uses products like Glossier, which enhance her naturally good looks and her skin is eternally glowing.

She always sounds like she's just been on a big one

Most of the time, this is the actual case. But even when she hasn't been out in ages, she sounds like she's about to lose her voice because her body has adapted this perpetual croak.

Her tan is ever lasting

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Those constant holidays mean that she's tanned at all times – it's never from a bottle.

She studies a humanities like History of Art or English Lit

You'll catch her in her department building, reading a book that's practically falling apart. She's frantically making notes for her seminar that starts in five minutes. Being laid-back doesn't mean she doesn't want to do well in her degree. This girl is cultured, creative and is certain to create a build a successful career after uni.

Her Instagram feed has that aesthetic

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She posts pics of random light bulbs and dilapidated buildings she saw on her trip to Warsaw last week. Most of them are taken on her disposable.

And sometimes she will share a sketch she made or Insta-story her healthy af meals. None of it should come together as an actual Insta aesthetic, but somehow it does. She's so cool, she will literally make anything work.

She's usually from a home county and the outdoors clothes that usually make you look like a potato, make her look like a model

Her presence is a calming comfort to those around her. That, of course, is the result of the serene and idyllic countryside she grew up in. She's been going on wholesome family walks since she could crawl.

She's the kind of girl to invite her uni mates to visit her family home when they're all stressed in the middle a revision period. She'll say it's to get some "fresh air" but realistically the weekend will just get wild, because she's wild.

Her fashion game has always been ahead of its time

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A few years ago she may have committed some cultural appropriation crimes, but she's woke now. No more bindis for her, she shops at Illustrated People and Cheap Monday. And she was wearing colour-tinted glasses way before they became cool.