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Here’s how to get NUS card discounts when you’re not really a student

One FREE cheeseburger please

It might not feel like it sometimes but there are actually quite a few nice perks to being a student. The nearly-unlimited free time, the chance to study something you actually give a shit about.

But the cherries on the top of the sundae are the sweet sweet discounts you can get with your NUS card.

From free McDonalds cheeseburgers to deals on nearly every high street, the humble NUS card is truly a lifesaver.

But what if you could get one without all the ball-ache of being an actual student? Without the essays and the stresses and the having to go to nights you don't like with people you hate and paying 27 grand for the privilege?

Well, there might just be a way.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a kinda bullshit course, that is technically accredited by the NUS. There's a list here.

Once you've paid £4 for your "course", it's super simple.

Go to and start filling out your details.

When it comes to picking a course provider, put in 'ECareers'

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On the next screen, when it asks you to select a course level and discipline, hit professional/vocational for both and set the date for a year after the current date.

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After this it's all pretty straightforward, you can click through the next few screens, upload a photo of yourself and eventually you'll end up at the pay screen.

From there, all you do is pay your 12 pounds, just like any real student and all the discounts will be yours.