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Take our 2018 Free Speech Survey and tell us what you actually think

Don’t no platform us

"How did so many of today's students turn into snowflakes?" wail the Daily Mail. If you look in the papers, you'll come face to face with the idea that students are banning anyone they don't agree with and locking themselves in rooms with no bad thoughts allowed.

From no platforming and snowflake students, all the way through to Toby Young's silly tweets and a secret eugenics conference held at a university, free speech at university is the hot topic at the moment.

Parliament are even holding an inquiry into it, with the Joint Committee on Human Rights looking into it.

But aside from politicians and middle-aged columnists, what do students actually think?

The Free Speech Inquiry want to know what you think. They've got a form over on The Student Room you can fill in here.

And, we've got a survey to find out the truth behind the big issue.

Don't hold back.