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Every single sign your housemates are the friends you’ve made for life

You’ll probably tag them in this

The saying "the friends you'll meet at university are the friends you'll make for life" is wrong. It should be about housemates, because they go through everything with you.

Despite there being ups and downs to cohabiting small, dingy uni houses, they will be the only people who'll experience the truest version of you and actually accept it.

But how do you know which ones will actually be your friends for life? Here is every single sign you should look out for:

They've seen you at your absolute worst

And I mean your absolute worst. They've held your hair back while you were sick down their leg. They've calmed you down when you got into a drunk-fuelled fight with someone, (which you started). And they always know how to comfort you during a heartbreak. They've seen it all.

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Hating on that one annoying housemate has brought you closer together

Regardless of what year you're in, there's always that one person in your house, who starts rubbing everyone up the wrong way. And disliking everything they do somehow brought you even closer together.

You have a group-chat within a group-chat

Full of in-jokes and drama. You also use it to bitch about that one annoying housemate you can't stand. Oops.

They're always brutally honest with you

The reason your friendships will last is because they're based on honesty. And take this as a compliment as it means they care about you enough to be truthful.

They'll tell you if you're pissing them off, they can spot a fuckboy from a mile away and warn you about him, ruthlessly. This is important because when it comes to you asking them about an outfit choice, their feedback is actually valuable.

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When their parents come to visit them at uni, you all go out to dinner together

You have nicknames for your flatmates' parents and when they take you to dinner, they pay for your meal after adopting you as one of their own.

If you see a funny meme, you'll tag them all in it

You know the drill, you're scrolling on Facebook for two hours to avoid work and when you see any memes starting with "When your housemates…", you automatically tag them all. And it won't matter if you're all sitting in the same room or not.

You've probably heard them have very loud sex and surprisingly, it didn't gross you out

Obviously not ideal when you've got a 9am the next morning, so you just banged on the wall and hoped they'd be a bit more quiet.

You don't pay each other back for things because it all evens out in the end

Usually, housemates can get aggy about money and 99 per cent of the time, this causes arguments. But not you guys. Paying money back is not even an issue as you know it'll all even out in the end. If you get the toilet paper, they'll pay you back in pints.

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You share everything like you live in a commune

Clothes, food, gossip, sometimes boys. Everything is shared in this house.

Silence is never awkward

Being so comfortable with one another, means conversation doesn't have to be made all the time.

You all leave your bedroom doors unlocked

This is a sign of trust between all members of the house. And if there is someone who leaves their locked – they'll be the passive aggressive one everyone secretly hates.

They do cute things for you without expecting anything in return

They'll comfort you when you crawl out of your room, shivering with anxiety as you experience the "the fear" after a big one. Or bring you food and tea during times you're paralysed in bed from toxic levels of alcohol in your system. And they'll never expect praise for it.

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