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If your life is a mess, science shows you’re more intelligent

Finally, the truth is out!!

You snooze through all of your alarms every morning. You're late to everything. You can never find anything in your room because it's mostly a tip. You lose your keys and phone on a weekly basis. Your love life is probably a mess and you're always involved in some kind of drama.

If I just described your life, you may have what psychologists call "chronic disorganisation." But here's the good news. People who lead messy lives have higher levels of intelligence and greater creativity.

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Steven Johnson, the author of Where Good Ideas Come From has studied the results of a neuroscience experiment by Robert Thatcher. And here are some traits which demonstrate these high levels of intellectual functioning:

They can never keep track of time

Intelligent people can become so engrossed in something, they start losing track of time. In a work environment, they may submit things late because they become really fascinated in one aspect of the project and time becomes less important to them.

They have a wide range of interests and are always busy

They're involved in everything and are good at doing things simultaneously. They have loads of interests and hobbies outside of their normal 9-5. Their life is a mess because they never have the time to sort it out, as they're constantly busy.

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They're extroverted and use their intuition a lot

Disorganised people who take personality tests on average score higher in areas which relate to a type identified as "visionary." Messy people love a challenge and often try new methods when overcoming those challenges. They're also good in social situations and often have a wide range of friendship groups.

They are really creative and think "outside the box"

The Torrence series, used to measure creativity levels, given to individuals with chronic disorganisation found them to be better storytellers, visualisers and generally funnier than most.

They have short attention spans when they're not interested in something

People with high levels of intelligence won't bother working or listening to something that doesn't interest them. But once they work on something that does fascinate them, they often excel.

Basically you're probably a genius but you don't even know it.