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Girls who lend their clothes are the literal backbones of society as a whole

They deserve no less than a knighthood

Visualise your friendship group. There's definitely the Mum, the Bitch, the one obsessed with her boyfriend and the really needy one. But there's one person, the one person who is in fact the backbone of everything good in your life. And sadly, they never get any recognition.

It's time we bigged up the girls who lend you their clothes. Because think about it, they're the glue that hold your friendship group together. Their generosity makes the world go round.

But it's not just about lending clothes, it goes even deeper than that. This quality is engrained into every aspect of their character. Think about it – people who don't lend clothes are the absolute worst, whereas this girl is super chilled and carefree. You can go to her with all of your problems and slag everyone off, because she'll never meddle or make a fuss of anything.

Basically, she's the coolest person you know and here's why:

Her amazing going out clothes collection has accumulated over the years

Shhh pls I'm dancing

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She's super fun and loves clubbing. She's the friend who won't let you step out of the house until you feel good about yourself and the clothes you're wearing. Ah, if only there were more people like her in the world.

Everyone knows her but she can't remember how she knows them

Definitely had a better day than Theresa

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Going out with her means that she'll get stopped and recognised all the time. And when you ask her who that was, her response will be: "I don't actually know, I just felt bad not saying hi back!" She's so popular and she doesn't even realise it.

She has an outfit you can borrow, ready for any occasion

BONJOUR I am French now, and a glitter ball #joyeuxnoel

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Need an elegant dress? Her wardrobe is full of them. Fancy dress party? She'll have at least five costumes to choose from. A low-key outfit for a first date? She's already getting her lucky top out of the drawer.

She probably has sisters, so is used to sharing

Growing up in a big house has meant that sharing everything is in her second nature. She's shared clothes her whole life because it means she can borrow other people's stuff too.

Travelling a lot means she has an eclectic wardrobe

sunday sparkle tits ⭐️

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Don't worry about wearing the same thing as someone else at an event, because the outfit you borrowed was bought on you friend's travels around the world.

If you're going through a break up, instead of moping about it with you, she'll take you out

Queen B?

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Most friends will buy you ice cream and watch movies with you. But not this girl. She'll take you out, make sure you have a really good time and tuck you into bed at the end of the night.

She'll focus on you the whole time, making sure you look a 10/10 and might even dull her own vibe to make sure your glo up is complete.

She's might not be super social media active but if she posts something, it's sure to break the internet

You know those types of people that are never on their phone, but once in a blue moon they'll post a picture on Instagram and get an easy 200 likes. They also never check their phone again to see how many likes they got. Yeah, she's one of those. She's so carefree and cool, you know people envy your friendship.