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A guy documented his experience living with girls for a week and it’s scarily spot on

Every girl will relate to this


Hair everywhere, over-analysing every fuckboy text, talking about how bloated you are – these are the things, any girl who's lived in an all-girls' house, will know all too well.

But what if a clueless guy entered the mix for a week? This is what happened to a young man named Robbie, who documented his experience living with girls on a ski trip.

He made a Twitter thread, describing every little detail of living in an all-girls' house and it has since gone viral, because it's absolutely spot on.

Here's the full breakdown of everything that happened to him, during his week living in all-female house:

1. When girls get in from a night out, literally anything is the funniest thing that has ever happened


2. When girls are trying to be quiet they make most of their noise with the “SSSHHHHHHHHHHH”

3. There is one designated mum in every group. She takes everyones make up off, provides water and makes sure everyone is home

4. I went for a shower and there was organised clumps of hair on the wall?????

5. They bring a staggering amount of toiletries. I am speaking masses and masses

Shelves, bags and even the floor were littered with numerous bottles.

6. So boys, I found out girls have actual tape that goes on their boobs when they wear a low cut top to make the shape of their boobs nice or something????

7. Also, there were these weird flower shaped things on the table

Found out these things are actually stuck on girls' nipples. Found these on the kitchen table.

8. There are things called chicken fillets and they aren’t the ones you eat

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9. From 5pm onwards I was refused entry to the toilet area as it was reserved until 11pm for showering and about 3 hours of make up

“No Robbie, you can’t go for a shower we need the mirror!!!!!!”

10. Girls all share clothes like one big free for all?? “you seen my nice black top?”

“Oh yeh babe got it on atm”

11. The night out doesn’t end when they get in

Oh no. Whilst I was trying to sleep at 5am there was an extended bathroom session about what happened with boys and how nice the burgers were.

12. These girls just got so hungry when they came back it was mad

Mayo pasta? Yes please babe x

13. Anything I said was automatically wrong because I had a penis so I just learned to accept my fate

14. Girls spoon each other. A lot.

15. Girls literally rip apart every text a guy sends them

If you are thinking you are a lad that this hasn’t happened to, your girl is probably laughing at your text right now.

16. Girls sniff their armpits to see if they smell

"Nah not too bad.”

17. So every night these girls gave me a time we were all heading out. I worked out by the second day that if I added 2.5 hours on to this suggested time, I knew what time we would actually be going out

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18. By the end of the week my deodorant was empty because “boys deodorant smells better!”

19. One girl in the group is usually the designated ‘winged eyeliner applicator’.

The others seem useless.

20. If you miss taking your pill two consecutive days in a row you have fucked up your cycle

I became the pill reminder.


22. “Omg im so bloated I can’t wear this” was a phrase heard hourly during the evening getting ready process

23. Outfit changes will happen boys. Do yourself a favour and go to sleep

Think she is finally done because she is on her third outfit? Ha.

24. “Should I wear pants in this?"

25. Girls don’t pack until 30 mins before they need to leave because they need half their suitcase every minute

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26. Girls have two make up bags. One bag with all the make up that they actually use, and one that has absolutely no use at which is full of makeup never touched but is always brought along

27. I tried to give compliments but I was told to fuck off as apparently I was being sarcastic

"You look really nice in that."

"Fuck off Robbie.”

28. Hairgrips everywhere you look. Floor? Hairgrips. Bed? Hairgrips? Shower? Hairgrips.

29. There will be hair. Everywhere.

30. Wake girls up in the morning at your own peril. "Robbie turn your alarms off ffs."