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The harsh realities of being an adult but still looking 12 years old

Firstly, it’s exhausting

Last night, a Sales Assistant at Marks & Spencer's made me recite my date of birth three times, because she wouldn't believe just how old I was. But look Susan, what sad 17-year-old would be getting the Dine In For Two With Free Wine on a Monday night?

Welcome to the life of someone who is old beyond their years, but looks like they're still learning their times tables in secondary school.

Sure, Susan may have been doing her job and making sure she wouldn't get fired for mis-selling alcohol. But little does she know that, being 22 and looking 12 can be an absolute fucking nightmare. And I'm not even exaggerating.

The life of a working woman – a portrait

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Here's everything you'll get if you look like a child when you're actually a fully functioning adult:

People remind you that you look young all. the. time.

People who look young, know they look young. They might be drinking from a fountain of youth, but it doesn't make them any dumber. They know it. Oh believe me, they've known it their whole lives.

You don't even mind getting ID'ed but you get so pissed off when everyone thinks you carry a fake ID

I'm sorry but who under the age of 18, would get a fake ID just to drown their life's sorrows at a local? WHO?!

@jassboston: "So, how is third year going?"

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And bar crawls are the absolute worst because bouncers are convinced your ID is fake

Usually, bar-crawls will make your night go from zero to a hundred. They're fun, they're sociable and they never fail to get you trolleyed. But when you look young, bar-crawls are your definition of hell on earth.

You get ID'ed at every door, and the more drunk you get, the more you panic about not remembering your own address or date of birth. Because at every single door, the bouncer won't be sure your ID is real. And after looking you up and down three times, you won't even be sure it's real.

People who are waaaay younger than you, start hitting on you

Usually little boys on bikes riding around the town and shouting things in your direction. And when you tell them your real age, they'll look really embarrassed like you've just told them off, muttering "sorry lady" under their breath.

Dating someone who looks your actual age makes them look like your parent

And then you're made to feel like your relationship is borderline creepy, even when you're literally the same age. No omg this isn't my dad. Arghhhh.

Honeymoon goals ?

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You always get called "love" or something equally as condescending

Firstly, I'm not "cute" and secondly stop saying "awwww" at everything I say. I am your age. For the love of God, stop giving me life lessons. We are the same age.

People always assume you're innocent af

But then you watch the horror on their face when they realise you're an actual freak.

It's so much easier to get people to forgive you

Do you know why people find baby animals cute? Because they have round cheeks, with big eyes.

Do you know who else shares those characteristics? People who look young, so it's quite easy to look cute and innocent when you've fucked up really badly. So, there's that I guess.

Being ?-y in Copenhagen

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You probably get away with buying children's trainers for a lot cheaper

Chances are your feet are quite small, so it's totally acceptable to buy children's Air Force 1s.

Better yet, you can get away with buying children's tickets to things

Train tickets, cinema tickets and all tourist attractions on your holiday are always half the price. And everyone is always jealous.