We spoke to the anti-feminist Tinder guy who thinks women enjoy being raped

And shock, he’s single!!!

On Sunday night, a girl posted screenshots in a feminist Facebook group, showing Tinder messages from Charlie Silcox, a self-employed 28-year-old and overall grim guy.

He spotted a girl on the app who had a picture at a protest, and messaged her because she was a feminist. Did he decide they weren't a match and move on? Nope. Charlie messaged her to express all of his awful anti-feminist views.

His message said the gender pay gap doesn't exist, Harvey Weinstein should have had more credit for Angelina Jolie's success and that sex with his imaginary girlfriend "is only unconsensual for about eight seconds… after that she loves it". These are the first and only messages on their chat (and also a picture of his Tinder profile so you can avoid him at all costs):

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Thankfully, the feminist community then absolutely slated this man. He however continued to express his anti-feminist views in the Facebook comments, saying: "Let's talk about women orgasming during rape. And the many women whom fantasize about it."

Charlie claims he was drunk when he wrote the Tinder message, so naturally I wanted to see if he was this vile all the time. Unsurprisingly, he wasn't keen to chat on the phone, but instead he took my number and swiftly slid into my WhatsApp messages. I can confirm he is just as obnoxious as you'd imagine. Here's how our conversation went:

Hi Charlie. We'd really like to hear your side of this Tinder conversation.

Hi. What would you like to know?

What was the context of the messages? What had been sent before you said what we see in the screenshots?

There was none. I matched with a girl on Tinder at 4am drunk and saw her page riddled with feminism and demands for equality.

What are your views on feminism?

Well only seven per cent of this country identifies as feminist but most of the women on our TV have feminist agendas and seem to forget the very easily researched fact that women under 30 in the UK and US earn more than men.

And way more young boys are raped than young girls and more adult men are raped than adult women if you include prison rape.

But the facts are there. Women mate with men… taller, three to seven years older and equal or higher in socio-economic terms.

I'm interested in what you said about Harvey Weinstein and Angelina Jolie. Could you explain?

You'd be a fool to say the man has not had young actresses throwing themselves at him.

So women are using their sexuality for financial gain?

Sometimes yes, of course. And men do it to.

You've seen it recently with what I'd call an epidemic issue of female teachers sleeping with their male pupils. However none of these women go to prison.

If male teachers did this at the same rate… Jesus… the outcry.

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Could I ask about this female orgasm during rape thing? I've never heard of that before.

It's fact. About 15 per cent of them. I read it somewhere a while ago.

Can you remember where?

I'm sorry I can't source these things but one of the things that makes me unladdish is that I've read thousands of books in my life.

So, do you think it's possible for women to enjoy the rape experience if she has an orgasm?

Well that's the best thing about an orgasm, Annabel, they don't lie.

Is it still rape?

Of course.

You said something on Tinder about approaching your girlfriend while she's doing the dishes and it no longer being rape. How is asking for consent different if you're in a relationship?

Because the woman has chosen to accept this behaviour from a specific man.

But I believe that's a question women need to answer or the government should castrate men.

So you think a woman can be raped by her husband?

Of course. But then lots of them choose to stay with this man.

It's incredible there are women in the world that get beaten by their husband then apologise to him. It's not difficult to leave someone who is abusive and if you fail to do so at a certain point, the pain you're going through can only be blamed on yourself.

Would you like to have children one day?

Of course. What else are men going to do with their time. There's only so much cocaine and prostitutes in the world. Men are simple.

In your Tinder message you said that nice guys don't win in relationships…

Yeah, all the guys I know struggle with girlfriends.

Would you say you're a "nice guy"?

I am.

Do you feel like you've struggled with women because you're "nice"?

I used to until I started being a tease and behaving like I didn't particularly like them that much.

The phrase "nice guys come last" exists for a reason.

Annabel, do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, I do.

Cool. I take it you're an exception to the rule I'm trying to get at lol.

What rule?

Well I did an interesting test once. In a bar, a girl seemed really into me. I asked my friend to go and talk to her and sexualise the conversation. She flipped. Almost hit him.

I approached her 30 minutes later and did the same thing… she loved it. So if a girl's into you, she in fact wants you to sexualise the conversation.

And do you think she was a feminist?

No, that's the thing. She was just a regular girl.

You look rather feminist yourself so… I'm sorry.

What does a feminist look like?

I'm not answering that question. What does a "lad" look like?

Are they opposites?

I look like I should be a lad, in the pub, swearing. But I'm the furthest thing from that.

So you wouldn't you describe yourself as a "lad"?

No. I believe lad culture is contributing to an incredibly divisive opinion women have about men.

And porn is ruining young men.

What about the rape culture influenced by this lad culture?

More young boys are raped than young girls.

Look at the church who have systematically been raping young boys for centuries. How come there's no rape culture there?

So do you believe that men are more at risk of rape?

Of course we are, the statistics show that.

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Do you use Tinder much?

Yeah I've had it two months or so. I go on around two dates a week from it. For the first time in my life I'm actually trying to find a proper relationship. Incredibly unfortunate this has all happened now.

Have any of those turned into second dates or relationships?

Yes mostly second dates and third dates.

Are you still talking to all these girls now?


And do they know about your views on feminism?

I air them slowly. I want to have sex haha.

I don't think feminism is anti-men. I think it's anti-women.

Do you want to know the truth, Annabel?


Over the next month, I can potentially sleep with a different woman every day. I've had messages from girls requesting I rape them.

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The interview came to a close after I asked for proof of these messages.


Since this article was published, Tinder have been in touch to update us. They said: "At Tinder, we have a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and hate speech. The behaviour of this user is inexcusable and we have removed him from our platform.

"If users experience any kind of inappropriate conduct by other members of our community, we encourage them to immediately report the behaviour to us.

"Reporting a user for inappropriate conduct is straightforward and easy to do. On any given profile, users can tap the ‘3 dots’ icon and select ‘Report’. Users can also report another user by emailing [email protected]"