Some people hear a noise when they watch this gif, and everyone is freaking out about it

Wtf it’s making me feel sick

Everyone on Twitter is freaking out about this gif which makes a "thumping" sound for some people.

The new viral gif is of a pylon, jumping in between two others. And as the camera shakes, some people are reporting to hear a vibration in their heads, even though the gif is silent.

The tweet has since had nearly 10k retweets, 19k likes and has reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Over 58,000 people voted in a poll, where 55% of the people said they heard a thudding sound, while a minority don't hear anything.

Some have reported to hear a 'boing' too.

An explanation for hearing a sound in this gif, is that it may trigger an acoustic reflex, which is usually triggered by speech or loud noises.

According to the creator of the gif, the thump is entirely in the shake, as if you crop the pylons out, you can still hear it.

And once you hear it, you can't un-hear it. Argh, someone help, my head is spinning.