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Girl launches online appeal to find cheating boyfriend, after hearing him bragging to his mates on the train

If anyone knows a cheater called Ben, pls get in touch

After hearing a man called "Ben" boasting to his friends about cheating on his girlfriend, a woman launched a Twitter campaign to hunt down and expose him.

Emily Shepherd, 23, a student at Bournemouth University was on a service from Bournemouth to Manchester when she heard Ben bragging about his sexual exploits.

She immediately posted a warning on Twitter urging the mystery girlfriend to "Dump is Ass x".

Many rushed to identify the heartbreaker:

Whilst many innocent Bens were falsely accused:

Even Deborah Meaden from Dragons' Den entered the debate:

Despite the support, many men were outraged by the interrogation, calling Emily a "snake" and a "grass":

Others argued Ben might have been lying. Perhaps he has low self-esteem and is under pressure to conform to lad culture. Maybe he loves his girlfriend and has never touched anyone else in his life:

But many girls tweeted in support of the social media appeal, defending Emily against the haters:

If anyone knows a Ben that has recently travelled around the Bournemouth area, please contact [email protected]

In the meantime, someone needs to set up a Go Fund Me for Emily so she can set up a private detective business. Unearthing slimy cheaters who are viciously lying to their partners and getting away with it. It is essential for the women of Great Britain.