Ed Chrusciel is this year’s most eligible bachelor

When are we getting married ??

Winning with over half of the vote (!!!), this year's most eligible bachelor is Ed Chursciel.

Ed, a second year from Oxford Brookes beat all his rivals by 53 per cent in this year's bachelor competition, making him the most desired man in the UK right now (amongst those who voted).

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The Sport and Exercise Science student told The Tab it was "definitely surprising", to find out he had won the prestigious prize, thinking he wasn't going to get past his initial heat let alone the final.

Ed, who is 19 and 6 ft 2, said he's going to celebrate his victory by "getting para with the Brookes Bull Boys."

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When asked what his ideal girl looks like, Ed told us she would need to have "good chat, cute laugh and loves Gavin and Stacey".

And if you thought this guy couldn't get any better, we found out he has a dog – a Tibetan Terrier called Bonnie – who he would take for a long walk to the pub with one lucky lady as his first date (see dog below).

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In second place was Will Rutherford-Roberts from Warwick, and fresher Matt Bonini from Durham placed third.

While Ed enjoys his new found fame being the most eligible bachelor in the UK, there's still time to vote for who is this year's most eligible bachelorette. Maybe they'll get together!!!