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These Clubbers of the Week are officially allowed to get excited about Christmas

I’ve already eaten all my advent calendar

December has started. And, as inevitable as hordes of people saying "how can global warming be real when it's cold today" is the premature excitement for Christmas.

Well, let's join in. These clubbers are here for it. I'm ready. Let's rock and roll.

All I want for Christmas is shoooeeeeeee

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I think whatever he's taking must have been laced

It's 7pm on Christmas eve, Santa's loaded up his sleigh, the reindeer are all in place, and there's only one thing left to do

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This guy has just heard you VERY loudly talking about how Santa's not real

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Santa's not real, but Bran Stark is the Night King

"I'm making gravy for Christmas dinner. DO YOU WANT SOME?"

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They're wearing Christmas jumpers ! ! ! ! !!!!! 1 !! 111!!!!

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Call this arrangement the Three-K

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When Mum pulls the biggest fucking tray of pigs in blankets you've ever seen out of the oven

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Here we here we here we fucking go

Your phone buzzes at 3am on Christmas eve. It's these two wanting to know if "u got any misletow lol"

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Is that a real beard


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hehe XD

YOU BETTER WATCH OUT…when you're basting the turkey because if it spits you will get burns

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Das ist ein nipfel

There's too much salt in the gravy dammit

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Where's the fucking rosemary

So awkward when you reach for the cranberry sauce at the same time

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Eyes on the prize

This hat makes it look like Frankie & Benny's have just started a paramilitary wing

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Not very Christmassy

This, on the other hand, is excruciatingly festive

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I'm done