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You have to stop what you’re doing and vote for the most eligible bachelor in the UK

If you don’t date them I will

Alongside most eligible bachelorette, you've been nominating your single male friends who are looking for love. We've been inundated with nominations of boysies in the gym, naked (see below), in suits or on holibobs, each peacocking in the hope of getting your vote.

But there can only be one boy who you would take home to meet your mum. Vote below to crown this year's most eligible bachelor.

Tom Tash, second year, Law, Brookes

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This is Tom Tash, who doesn't have a moustache but likes stripping off and putting a guitar in front of his naked body. He self proclaims he's "really, really good in bed", despite apparently having the worst chat in all of Oxford, according to his nomination. He can also sing and play Coldplay on request, but if he's doing it like that pic I want nothing to do with it.

Barnaby Papadopulos, second year, History, Warwick

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Barnaby (right), has an Instagram of black and white pics so I guess that makes him pretty hot. His friends describe him as an "Adonis", with a "perfectly symmetrical face".

Alex Woodhouse, International Relations, King's

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He's 6"6 and a rower at King's so naturally qualifies to be in the final for most eligible bachelor.

Charlie Firth, second year, International Relations, Brookes

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Charlie's nomination says: "Charlie's friends believe that he is the most good-looking guy they've ever seen", and I back that claim 100 per cent and I've never even met him.

Ed Chrusciel, second year, Sports and Exercise Science, Brookes

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People have complimented Ed on his great jawline and shirt collection, both of which seem to be in good order from this picture.

Matt Bonini, fresher, Chinese, Durham

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Want a bit of spice in your life?? Well you're in luck because Matt's three words to describe himself were "I'm a rebel" – oh mama! His celebrity crush is this UCL maths lecturer (don't blame him tbh), and his ideal partner is someone with "a great personality who can make me laugh, smile and forget about the issues of the world when I'm with them" – cute.

Ugo Carminati, King's

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Ollie Blundell, third year, Business Management, Brookes

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Ollie (right) has been said to gravitate to freshers more than a duck to water. His nomination told The Tab Brookes he "needs a lovely lady to tame him in order to save him and his degree".

Max Townley, King's

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Hunter wellies – check. Barbour jacket – check. Wool jumper – check. Lives in the countryside – check. Most beautiful happy dog I've ever seen in my life – check. This Surrey-looking boy looks like he'd ruin your life and break your heart, and I'm all for it.

Timi Sanusi, second year, Biomedical Sciences, Warwick

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Timi has been described as "clever and cute", and his friends are baffled as to how he's still single with these two attributes. He's an avid gym-goer in a "mad shape". It seems his great physique is all he cares about, as his dream girl would be "a gym partner". Cool!

Charles Bolton, fresher, Geology, Durham

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According to his nomination, Charles' favourite sex position is "anything that involved riding, because I'm a dark horse." When describing himself in three words, Charles reiterated "the dark horse".

I think Charles is a dark horse.

Steven Taylor, second year, Digital Media Production, Brookes

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If you thought previous nomination Ed Chrusciel had a good jawline, look at this guy's!! His nomination also added his eyes are so blue you could swim in them, the dreamboat.

Joscel Manirambona, fresher, Law, Brookes

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Joscel's nomination said: "Joscel is know for being an amazing guy, who is funny and takes care of all his friends", which is sweet. It further said "Mary Berry would approve", although I'm not sure why they chose Mary Berry specifically.

Alfie Woodrow, fresher, Economics, Durham

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When describing himself in three words, Alfie opted for "I lack creativity", which means he definitely only does missionary in bed. In his own words, his ideal woman is "Durham in the streets, Newcastle in the sheets."

Angus Edwards, fresher, International Relations, Brookes

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We've been reassured Angus (left) has got rid of his moustache, but will "grow it back for the right bachelorette" *shudders*. This fresher has been described as "a polite gentleman", whose "chat up lines are nearly as smooth as his face".

Will Rutherford-Roberts, third year, Chemistry, Warwick

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Two fingers in the air if you think this guy looks like fun! Will's the starting quarterback for the Warwick Wolves, his own friends have described him as Warwick's own Troy Bolton, even though Troy Bolton played basketball, not American Football. Will spends his summers working on his family's farm, riding tractors and playing with his sausage dog – I'm sold.