So it turns out wearing glitter is really bad for the environment


Everyone loves glitter. It's perfect for any event, outfit and just adds to the v i b e.

We wear it on our faces, we wear it in our hair and we cover our boobs in it. But what if I told you it's actually really bad for the environment. Yeah, I know – I'm shook too.

Last year the government banned microbeads made of plastic from our face scrubs and body washes, because when it gets into the sea, it doesn't really break down.

So it turns out traditional plastic glitter, the one we use to put on our faces before every night out, does exactly the same. It passes through filtration systems and ends up in polluting oceans and endangering animals.

In fact, microplastics make up 92 per cent of the plastic of the world's oceans and eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean everyday.

But don't worry, even if they ban plastic glitter, there is biodegradable glitter available and it's not even that much more expensive.

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First they told us we couldn't do coke, then we couldn't eat meat and now we can't wear glitter without feeling like we're killing cute baby turtles.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Leave glitter out of this.