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Over half of female students say they’ve been sexually assaulted, according to our 2017 Sexual Assault Survey

Nearly three quarters also said they’ve felt pressured into doing a sexual act

Over half of female students currently at university say they have been sexually assaulted, the results of The Tab's 2017 Sexual Assault Survey reveal.

Over 2,000 current female students responded to our survey and 53 per cent said they have been sexually assaulted.

Of those, 57 per cent said they were sexually assaulted by someone they know, a recurring theme among our respondents. One girl told us: "All sexual assault I've experienced has been by boys that I've had feelings for, and that I didn't appreciate wasn't okay at the time."

Removing a condom during sex without a partner's consent is regarded by campaigners and a growing number of lawmakers as a form of sexual assault. Seven per cent of current female students who responded to our survey said they had been a victim of stealthing. One girl gave an insight into the consequences, telling us she has contracted STDs and a bacterial infection after being stealthed.

Nearly three in four female students also said they have felt pressured into doing a sexual act.

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Consent classes

Oxford and Bristol are the only two universities running compulsory consent classes this year, an issue which remains divisive.

Whilst less than half of current students think they're patronising, only nine per cent think they should be compulsory at university.

Instead, an overwhelming majority believe the classes should be compulsory before university. 85 per cent of current students who responded to our survey think consent classes should be compulsory at school or sixth form.

Those who have actually been to a consent class are in the minority – 22 per cent. Yet, for those who have been, 54 per cent thought it was useful. Only 27 per cent said it wasn't, whilst the remaining 19 per cent weren't sure.

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