These are literally the best dressed students in the UK this week

You don’t even come close

We're all trying the best we can to look good, or to even get out of bed in the morning to make it to lectures. It's hard, we get it. This may not be very good for your self-esteem, because these are the best dressed people about and you probably can't compare, but at least you can scroll through looking at the nice colours and pretty people as a distraction from your looming deadlines.

Emily, Psychology, third year, Leeds

Sophia, first year, Russian and Persian, Cambridge

Cairo and Antony, Geoscience and English, Bristol

Phoebe, Liberal Arts, first year, Leeds

Mollie, second year, Law, Cambridge

Alarna, Ancient History and History, second year, Leeds

Omer, third year, English, Cambridge

Isabelle and Jemima, Anthropology and Psychology, Bristol

Caitlin, English and Journalism, Lincoln

Amy, English Lit, second year, Leeds

Anna and Ella, Psychology and Theatre Studies, Bristol

Lilly, English Lit and Theatre, first year, Leeds

Charlotte, Media Production, Lincoln

Amelia, first year, History, Cambridge

Max and James, Business and Law, Bristol

Georgina, second year, Law, Cambridge

Tom, Maths, second year, Leeds

Hope, first year, MML, Cambridge

Rebecca and Tilly, Anthropology and Psychology, Bristol

Hazel and Nicky, Law, Bristol

Oliver, Advertising and Marketing, Masters, Leeds

Sophie, Geography, Bristol

Siobhan, Journalism and Communication, Exchange, Leeds