Clubbers of the Week, that is what we are, no one inbetween, how can we go wrong

And we rely on the clubbers, a-haaaa. From one clubber to another, a-haaaa.

Like two islands in the stream, our brave clubbers stand firm against a beating tide, with only each other for comfort.

Anyway, here’s this weeks best clubbers.

These guys made it as far as the judges’ houses and their mums are dead proud

I don’t remember Cinderella being like this. That’s not a glass slipper

But my Prince Charming does have a VK waiting

Guys, it’s worked. You’re here. You’ve made it

Let’s hope those are actual tattoos

“Yeah Toby, mans never been in Reigate when it’s shut down”

Trust me, Daddy, send me some money, I won’t spend it on naughties

Definitely the kid who opened bottles with his teeth down the park

Somebody please enlighten him as to how bad this will also taste

The baggy fleece expertly hides the fact that this is three Hugos sitting on each other’s shoulders

The guy in the bottom of the shot is actually standing upright

Speak no evil, see no evil…WHERE IS HEAR NO EVIL?

Well, while we wait for him to show up, let’s listen to Sandstorm until our ears bleed

He might not be involved, or even in focus, but he’s just happy to be there

The more you look, the more faces you see, clamouring to get in shot

Flat Dad of the Week

He’s the only one who knows how to work the thermostat

This guy looks like he’s stepped out straight out of the Beano, Space Jam style

Cross-generational cartoon references, baby

It’s like the Last Supper, if they all had a slightly offensive group chat name

Each pose is a masterpiece Da Vinci himself would envy

When your mate’s pulling and she looks up to seek your approval

Yep, he looks greaaaaat

I’m increasingly convinced this is just one guy at different stages of his night

You know you’re not meant to meet your past self like this

A picture tells a thousand words, but all of ours are questions

Why is the girl on the left in a strop? Why is the man doing a Wolverine-like snarl at the middle girl’s cheek? Where did he get all those wristbands? Why are they wearing so many glow sticks? What temperature is it that means the girl on the right has her coat on, the man a hoody, and the girl on the left a strappy top?

There’s a time and a place for the ‘catching a flying malteser’ party trick, amigo

There’s definitely a very dignified photo happening above him

All photos are taken from the clubs’ official Facebook pages.