Campus is a runway and these are the best dressed people on it

Werk it

Autumn is upon us. The first semester of uni is in full swing, there are balls happening and the campus fashionistas are rising to the challenge as the temperatures drop.

If you were wondering what you might look like if you had the time, money and effort to dress well everyday, it might be a little something like this.

Julia, Digital Culture and Society masters, King's

Hannah, third year, Criminology, Leeds

Bethany-May, first year, St Andrews

Naza, Second year, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Coventry

Alex, English Literature, Newcastle

Japhet, second year, Fine Art, Coventry

Berfin, War Studies, King's

Georgia, second year, Art and Design, Leeds

Jean-Phillipe, first year, St Andrews

Elorm, second year, Psychology, Coventry

Emma, second year, Comparative Literature, King's

Hattie, English Literature, Newcastle

Emma, third year, St Andrews

Ryan, second year, Graphic Design, Coventry

Abbie, first year, Fine Art, Leeds

Jeordi, third year, History, King's

Hannah and Lauren, first years, Marketing and Advertising, Coventry

Elena, second year, St Andrews

Shupei Sun, second year, Illustration and Graphics, Coventry

Jenny, foundation, Business Management, King's

Muhammad, second year, Economics, Coventry

Elikem and Jordan, second years, St Andrews

Chiyonce, second year, Law, Coventry

Stas, second year, Geography, King's

Lorelei, fourth year, St Andrews