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These are officially the degrees people regret the most

Gutted if you’ve just signed up for three years of Business Studies

There comes a point, sat in the library, surrounded by cookie crumbs, when every student wishes they'd done another course. Well now, they – you know, the people with the numbers and the big brains – have worked out which courses people regret doing the most.

If you want to avoid regretting your degree, these are the courses to avoid.

Oddly for a degree that produces some of the highest-paid graduates, almost half of tech students would choose another course.

Closely behind them in the regrets stakes are business students, something which will come as no surprise to anybody who's been to a business lecture, surrounded by business students.

At the other end of the chart, with a stubborn resistance to admitting their folly, only 17 per cent of medics say they'd choose another course.

This is all based off data from HEPI, the Higher Education Policy Institute.

They asked students "if you knew what you know now, would you have chosen another course?" Here's the breakdown in full.

The report says students regretting their course choice might well just be natural. Your preferences evolve over time, after all. HEPI also found regrets are closely linked to perception of value for money, as well as the amount of contact hours.

Featured image: Andy Powell via Flickr