A new study confirms guys are selfish and women are supreme

I believe it, it’s true

A research paper from the University of Zurich has revealed that women’s brains are more wired to reward generosity, while men’s brains reward selfish behaviour.

So in other words, men are selfish and women are amazing.

A test group made up of 56 men and women underwent several behavioural experiments, which included making decisions about sharing money.

In the first study, the group was randomly split into two. One group was given a placebo and the remaining people were given amisulpride, a drug that blocks the action of dopamine in the brain.

They were then placed in a hypothetical situation, in which they could claim the money for themselves, or split it evenly with another person.

In the second study, the scientists looked at data from 40 men and women. The activity in their brains was recorded when they made decisions on sharing money.

The researched found that when making ‘pro-social’ choices, the activity in the value-processing region of the brain, which relies on dopamine signalling, was stronger for women than men. Suggesting that women’s brains reward generosity.

“It was known that women and men behave differently, but it was not known why, or how this comes about in the brain,” said Philippe Tobler, the co-author of the research.

So it’s official, we’re just better than men (not that you didn’t know that already).