These are undoubtedly the freshest outfits on campus this week

They definitely are, I checked

Freshers' Week may be over, but that doesn't mean the fashion-conscious students on campus have stopped making an effort. Autumn now is upon and the jumpers and jackets are finally coming out – someone pass me a puffa asap.

We've searched far and wide to find the best of the bunch and they are looking fresh to death, ready for your perusal.

Laura and Charlie, third year, English Literature, Newcastle

Laura, second year, Linguistics, Manchester

Annabel, second year, Business, Newcastle

Niall, first year, Sports Medicine, Glasgow

Alicia, Law and Katie, Fashion Buying and Merchandising, second year, Manchester

Scarlet and Sam, Psychology, Birmingham

Kate, first year, Durham

Wisam, second year, German and Business Management, Manchester

Jenny, History, Birmingham

Courtney and Isolda, second year, Geography and Business, Glasgow

Rachel, Biochemistry, Birmingham

Ruairidh, first year, Psychology, Glasgow

Grace, first year, Neuroscience, Glasgow

Emily, Drama, Birmingham

Jesse, second year, Economics, Glasgow

Victoria, International Business and Susannah, Biology, Birmingham

Izzy, second year, Durham

Emma and Sophie, first year, Geography, Newcastle