The Tories are so embarrassed by their student societies, they’re cutting ties with them

Wait till daddy hears about this

The Tories want to sever all ties with their affiliated university societies.

Clearly embarrassed by the actions of young Tories over the last few months, the party said they don't want any "risky student politics" ruining their party, in a leaked report released today.

This news comes after The Tab broke the story of a Cambridge student burning a £20 note in front of homeless person.

The proposed changes are:

– Take risky student politics outside the remit of the Party

– Increase youth ownership and engagement in local Associations therefore strengthening them

– Bringing the youth wing firmly into the mainstream Party therefore being able to award and discipline youth groups

– Focus on activity that is tangible for party success, campaigning, training and formal party events.

Some university groups such as the University of Warwick Conservative Association, have already disaffiliated themselves with the party.

The former Social Secretary, Ellie King, for the Warwick student society told the Huffington Post: “It gives us the freedom to do what we want and campaign for who we want.”

Funnily enough, the Tories have spent the last few days desperately pledging to get the youth vote back.