They’re back! These are officially the best dressed freshers on campus

Bet you didn’t look this good during Freshers’

The freshers have arrived, reinventing themselves and still trying to make an effort before suddenly they're in third year and haven't showered for a week.

We've been snapping the most fashionable at Freshers' Fairs up and down the country just so you can stare at their lovely outfits. Enjoy responsibly.

Jackie, Music, UWE

Grace, Photography, UWE

Anita and Giulia, Drawing and Print, UWE

Carina, International Relations, first year, King's

Jon, Media and Journalism, UWE

Georgia, Music, first year, Sheffield

Ruby and Lucy, History of Art and Geography, UWE

Rhian and Jack, Journalism and Fine Art, UWE

Alex, Psychology, first year, Leeds

Charlie, Marketing, UWE

Josh, Spanish and Management, first year, King's

Jamie, Property Development and Planning and Harriet and Eva, Photography, UWE

Charlotte, Music Psychology, fourth year, Leeds

James, Music Production, UWE

Eleanor, Journalism, first year, Leeds

Demi, Biological Sciences, UWE

Hugo and Flora, Liberal Arts and Sole, PPE, first year, King's

Jacob, Real Estate, UWE

Rhea, Biotechnology, Leeds

Jack, Politics and International Relations, and Will, Criminology and Sociology, UWE

Eftichia, Law, first year, King's

Livvy, Interior Architecture and Design, UWE

Lewis and Tal, Psychology, fist year, Sheffield