Our prayers have been answered: Topshop Joni Jeans with belt loops are coming

Topshop confirmed they’re out in a few weeks

For weeks, there has been speculation that Joni jeans with belt loops are coming. And today we got Topshop to confirm it.

Every girl who has ever lived will own a pair of Jonis which fade, sag and rip. But despite all of that, she will go back and buy more because they just. fit. so. good.

We've had different variations of the Joni. There have been ripped ones, ones with buckles and now there's finally ones we needed and yearned for the most.

Joni jeans with belt loops. I repeat. JONI JEANS WITH BELT LOOPS.

There is no official release date but the plain black Joni jeans with belt loops will be available online and in store, in the next couple of weeks.

In disbelief that our prayers have finally been answered, we even contacted the Topshop warehouses to confirm it.

The warehouse staff weren't sure whether they're going to be released in colours other than black.

However, the light blue ripped Jonis came on sale a few weeks ago, so there's every reason to believe other colours will follow.

And on this blessed day, God gave us belt loops. Halle-bloody-lujah!!!!