But seriously, what is the most insufferable Made In Chelsea Instagram account?!

Surely it’s Ryan’s

There are bad Instagram accounts and then there are Made In Chelsea Instagram accounts. Every single one of them is so excessively cringe, you’d think that forced smiles, “subtle” advertising and excessive PDA were all part of the Channel 4 contract.

But don’t worry, I won’t torture you with them all. Instead, you’re being treated to a careful selection of the absolute worst.

Frankie Gaff

What’s worse? The fact that Frankie always looks like she has a gun held to her head unless she records these boring skin routine videos? Or the fact that this isn’t an even advert and she actually took the time out of her day to record this?

Seriously though, have you ever seen anyone more pained than Frankie? I’m getting quite concerned.

Louise Thompson

WARNING ⚠️ these exercises are A LOT harder than they look. I dare you to give them a go, next time you're in the gym with a partner! Ryan and I have tried to do the final one for about 4 months now and we never thought we would be able to do it. BUT after combating my fear of heights and practicing in different environments we succeeded ☺️ A lot of our exercises involve a great deal of trust and balance but this one tops the charts. The adrenaline when we finally managed to do it is pretty much unrivalled. People ask me about my fitness regime all the time… I would say that around 1/3rd consists of 'at home' exercises, 1/3rd is gym based weight stuff, and i try and do alternative methods for the rest.. i.e. Practising Acro yoga and being weird with Ryan. The world is our playground 🌎🐒 I never thought I would be able to lift an 100kg+ man! I might be small but I am STRONG ! Bring on next years #crossfit games @crossfit @crossfitgames @ryan.libbey …… sorry I had to take the other one down, something was UP with the filter ! Wearing : @fableticseu

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To be fair to Louise, her Instagram is pretty well curated. But then a video like this will pop up and honestly I just have so many questions.

How? How does she lift the human tank that is Ryan Libbey? Do they sit at home and plan these videos? Who films them?

Sam Thompson

Although slightly jarring, Sam Thompson’s impersonations of Louise are a timeless classic.

Life might get you down, but sometimes you just have to don your best bikini and slay 💃

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Ryan Libbey

Flexing in #italy

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It seems like no matter where Ryan is in the world, the Jonny Bravo personification never gets old.

And again.

Alright mate, we get it.

Steph Pratt

I had high hopes for Steph. But then she hooked up with Jonny from Love Island. JONNY!!!

Anyway, a scroll through her Instagram will reveal that every single post is sponsored. Teeth whitening posts? Check. Selling us useless face creams? Check. Daylight robbery? Check.

Julius Cowdrey

Songwriting with @ellanicolawills, she wants every song to be about her… 👀

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Okay but tell me that wasn’t the worst thing you’ve seen/heard since Gabriella’s song about Ollie?

Julius’ Instagram videos are genuinely as good as his singing career.

Ella Wills

Sunshine on my mind 🤙🏼 #mallorca

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Ella Wills seems to be permanently attached to Julius, which is surely a result of all of that beautiful serenading.

Hella heart eyes for you 😍😍

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Every Instagram post is of either him or her with him. You know she is that girl in the friendship group, who will only ever talk about her boyfriend.

Olivia Bentley

Resting Bitch Face……Happy Fridayyyyy!!!! 💋

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Unlike the other Made In Chelsea cast, Liv seems to have endless photoshoots in her massive house, just for the fun of it. No promo-codes, just pure sass. Although she does seem to be permanently stuck with that facial expression.

Mimi Bouchard

For someone who is against all forms of body-shaming, it seems odd that Mimi is also supporting a “summer body” slimming drink which substitutes meals. But, that’s none of my business!!

More importantly, we need to talk about the endless stream of self-help quotes. Mimi you fucked someone else’s boyfriend, it’s not that deep.


Some may say that one of me is more than enough. Others…

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Literally what is going on here? The caption? The edit? Who allowed this? Mark-Francis would be most unimpressed.

Harry Baron

It’s almost as though Harry Baron forgot his years of being a sleazy club-promoter. And he most certainly doesn't care for his street credz in the Hertfordshire skateboarding circuit.

Rocking @tmlewin Millbank Jacket for a beaut day in the country! 👌🏼🦆🇬🇧

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If you stare long enough, you can see his old emo soul dying a slow and painful death.

Notting Hill vibes 📍💭✌🏼

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“I’m sorry, but the old Harry can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause he’s dead.”