This is how to get a huge ASOS discount, just by changing your settings


ASOS shoppers in the UK have noticed a loophole on the ASOS website, which allows people to get serious discounts on trainers and branded clothes.

And the only thing you have to do is change your location to the United States and currency to GBP on the ASOS website.

As ASOS offers free shipping and returns worldwide, UK costumers won’t have to pay to get their purchases shipped from abroad.

Since the news landed on Twitter, people have been sharing their life changing stories:

Here is exactly how it works:

Step one – change the country to United States

Step two – change the currency to GBP

American Brands like Converse, Adidas and Calvin Klein are a lot cheaper on the US version of the website.

Although the pound is weak against the Euro due to Brexit, it remains strong against USD, meaning there is a noticeable difference in prices.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Converses are nearly £30 cheaper on the US website.

While the Original Stan Smith Boosts have a difference of £22.34.

Designer clothes and sportswear is way cheaper too. You can save up to £22 on this A&F jumper dress.

Or around a fiver on this Adidas training top.

The more expensive the original item is, the more savings you’ll make as this ASOS trick only works depending on the currency rate between GBP and USD.