Guess what Dawn French, women can be ‘as sexually free and drunk’ as they like

You should try it, it’s fun


Remember Dawn French, the bubbly comedian who played the Vicar of Dibley? Well, that lovely image of Dawn will quickly scatter if you read her latest interview in the Sunday Times, in which she describes young women of today as “shag machines” who are “going home covered in sperm on their legs, and throwing up.”

To put this in context, Dawn was talking about a TV programme she watched about party culture in Ibiza. She was mortified to realise young women were actually drinking alcohol, getting ready together and having sexual freedom in 2017.

But the context is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if she was talking about a TV show or not, because most girls have been the girls who maybe drank too much on a night out, and ended up throwing up. Most girls have got ready with her friends for a big night out. And most girls have had one-night stands. Whether they regret their actions in the morning or not, is up to them. But the most important thing is they’re doing what they want, and they’re doing it well. And guess what? They have the absolute freedom and choice to do it.

Dawn doesn’t get that. She’s convinced herself something is causing this endemic disease, where young British women go out and “get hammered” so they can “shag in a bush.” And this problem, ladies and gentlemen, is apparently caused by young women not wanting to “meet someone who would love, cherish and respect them.”

But somehow she seems to forget we’re not living in the 19th century. Girls wanting to have no-strings-attached, casual, consensual sex with people, has absolutely no correlation with whether they want to be loved, cherished or respected. Every girl should be respected, regardless of her sexual history.

It gets worse though, because she asks whether that’s what “women threw themselves in front of horses for.” Wait, what? I can’t even tell if this whole interview is satirical anymore. But that’s besides the point. Did she really just try to link this whole issue to the martyrdom of Emily Davison? The suffragette who jumped in front of a horse in the fight for female emancipation? If we are talking about her, let’s also mention the fact she died for women to be able to make these types of choices in their every day life.

Dawn compares these utterly outrageous, primitive acts aka having fun on a night out, to something only men would do. Aside from conforming to societal gender norms, she completely loses it and basically implies all men are the same. She asks whether it’s because girls don’t value their bodies, continuing: “Am I totally out of step? Is it really OK to be as sexually free as you like and as drunk as you like? I don’t buy it. It feels wrong to me.”

Yes Dawn, you are totally out of step. I don’t know if you’re aware but it really is OK to be as sexually free as you like and as drunk as you like in this day and age. I’m not saying binge drinking is good for your health or that girls should just go out and sleep with every person they see. However, the point is – it’s their choice. We live and we learn. Who the hell is Dawn French to say we’re doing this because our “mothers don’t love us?”