‘Straw or no straw?’: We asked the guy who created VKs the very important questions that needed answering

He’s had on the spot proposals when people find out what he has done for our world

Blue or green, yellow or red, we all know what VKs are about. You don't need me to explain their cult status because you already know. It's you clasping half a dozen between your sweaty fingers in the SU, it's you 'strawpedoing' a lovely little blue number at a sports social.

VKs are like your family, but who is daddy VK? Who is the man behind that magical mix of vodka and sugar?

Steve Perez is a giant amongst men, clearly evidenced by how boss the above post is from the official VK Facebook page. And as if bringing VKs into existence wasn't enough, here's a list of other things he can do or has done:

Alongside VK, he created Hooch and Corky's, pilots his own helicopter, and uses this skill to fly himself back and forth from race car rallies where he drives for his own team. Oh, he's also built a hotel and is a multi-millionaire, just in case you hadn't guessed that last bit already.

Besides asking if I could please please have either one of the VK polo shirts or caps he is pictured wearing, we wanted to know everything about those little multi-coloured bottles of joy. From how he came up with the idea to his favourite flavour, and whether he drinks it with or without a straw.

Hi Steve, loved the Facebook post of you in the Caribbean telling those getting their A-levels that you can still own a yacht with zero qualifications. What effect did not doing your A-levels have on the success that you have gone on to have?

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. Without getting my A-levels or a degree, it allowed me to get a 5-year head start in my career and gain more experience. But without qualifications I had less job security. Either way, you start from the bottom and still have to work extremely hard!

How did you come up with the idea for VK?

I used to work as a chef, so am used to coming up with new recipes. My brother and I were sat in the garden experimenting with vodka, making cocktails. We were inventing new flavours that tasted great. I thought if we could bottle it, we could make money. I gave up my job, bought a second-hand van and the rest is history!

When a young person finds out that you founded VK, what is their reaction?

The reaction tends to be positive – I’ve even had a few proposals!

Was it primarily aimed at students from the start?

When we first started selling VKs, we focused mainly on small independent bars and late night clubs. We didn’t specifically target students, but they tend to be the ones who go out later and drink in these places.

Have students’ attitudes changed towards the drink over the years? Has it always been such a cult thing?

I think there have been a few factors. We wanted to offer a product to give students better value for money and the popularity just grew right from the start.

I think social media has driven some of the ‘cult’ following around VK, which is where we really interact with our consumers. We didn’t want to waste money on huge TV campaigns, we’ve concentrated on putting our money where it matters and in the places where our audience really engages with us.

Right, time for some quickfire questions. Firstly, what is your favourite flavour of VK?

Orange & Passionfruit.

How often do you go out? Do you drink VKs on a night out?

Not often enough. Is there any other drink?

What is your favourite club in the UK?

Any that stock VK – it’s the brand of quality! 

What’s your favourite club banger?

Faithless – Insomnia.

Is it correct to drink VK with or without a straw?

I am a straight out of the bottle man myself!

Everyone loves merch, is there any VK merchandise available? Are there any very exclusive pieces? How do people get their hands on it?

On our social media pages, we reward our true fans with our #DOUVK campaign. People can get in touch if they believe they deserve some merchandise. If they go the extra mile, we reward them with gifts, simply for showing VK some love!