Good news, science confirms it is actually possible to be allergic to exercise

‘Sorry, my doctor said I can’t come to the gym today’

If you have run out of excuses to not go to the gym, or partake in any activity related to exercise, this might just be your saving grace.

Turns out it is possible you could be allergic to exercise, although, the likelihood of this is slim.

In a recent case, a boy called Joe was eating a pizza before going to the gym. Whilst exercising, Joe began to feel ill and his face started to swell up. After being rushed to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed Joe with exercise-induced anaphylaxis. He was told that if he combined tomatoes, peppers, soy and nuts with exercise he would suffer an anaphylactic reaction.

Not before going to the gym, please

Not before going to the gym, please

Exercise-induced anaphylaxis affects roughly 50 people out of every 100,000. It happens when you react to an allergen in combination with exercise.

It only occurs when the two are put together, and the amount of exercise required to produce a reaction varies from person to person. This makes it difficult to know what the connection is between exercise and anaphylaxis.

Nearly all types of exercise can cause anaphylaxis, however no case has been deduced after someone has gone swimming…yet.

Thankfully, diagnosis is a relatively easy process and once it occurs the symptoms can be managed, much in the same way as more common allergies are managed.

There is a 0.05 per cent chance that you suffer from this, meaning that not being able to exercise ever again is probably unlikely, but that doesn't mean you can't use it as an excuse.