It’s back! Sainsbury’s are selling six bottles of prosecco for £1.50 each


It's nearly the end of September and Autumn is ramping up, but the gods have been merciful and the best deal in the world is back yet again. Sainsbury's are selling six bottles of prosecco for £1.50 each.

Even better, the deal goes on until Tuesday 3rd October, and we can show you how to get on it.

How to do it

First of all, you'll need to have a new Sainsbury's online account

Select their Prosecco Frizzante for £6 a bottle. Actually, select six, and let the deals begin.

You've already got 25 per cent off six bottles, which means you're getting them for £4.50 a bottle.

Time to go further.

You'll need to use the code SCSSEOOCT – which sounds like you trying to pronounce Prosecco after six bottles

This badboy gets you £18 off when you spend £60

For the code to work, you need your total spend to be over £60, including £18 on things that aren't booze. Get yourself some olives. And probably a few ibuprofen. That means for this cheapest bottle, you'll need to buy £33 worth of things that aren't booze.

Voila, that's six bottles of prosecco for the beautiful, beautiful sum of £1.50.

Further tips

The last time we were able to stack these codes, back in May, stock quickly ran out and Sainsbury’s reneged on a lot of deliveries. To stand the best chance of securing discount fizz place your order quickly and book the soonest available delivery slot.

It’s also worth ticking the “accept substitutions” box, to prevent Saino’s from subsituting in a pricier alternative.

All praise to for spotting this deal, yet again.

Featured image: Owen Massey McKnight via Flickr