Lidl are selling bottles of prosecco for £3.33, so see you at the checkout

The deal will run over the bank holiday weekend

To celebrate the August bank holiday weekend, Lidl are selling bottles of prosecco for £3.33 a bottle. No joke, £3.33.

As if it was possible to love the supermarket any more, they'll be selling a case of six for £20, working out at just over £3 per bottle.

Their own brand of seccy, Allini Prosecco, is usually £31.50 per crate, saving customers £11.50.

With a price tag of £3, you could be left wondering how good the fizz is going to taste. But Lidl customers have rated the product 'very good', so I'll cheers to that.

The deal, which was spotted on a Facebook group literally dedicated to finding prosecco bargains, will only be available for two days on the 26th – 27th August.