The most middle-class hometowns based on how many Waitrose there are

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Ever since you packed up the portmanteau and left your home county, you’ve desperately tried to pretend you’re not middle class. Despite how much Herts boys wail that they’re from London, or Sussex girls downplay their new Fiat 500, the middle-class stereotypes persist.

Waitrose, home of ‘essential pâté and sirloin steaks, has long been associated with the middle class.

We rounded up the 303 Waitrose stores and found which counties they belonged to, to find the epicentre of British middle-class-ness.

[infogram id=”a8a39471-3ff4-4af5-b700-4b82e24e41ac” prefix=”fNh” format=”interactive” title=”Top 20 most middle class counties according to number of Waitrose stores”]

It comes as no surprise that Surrey, home of Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Park, tops the chart with 19 Waitrose stores. London also dominated the leaderboard, with Central and Southwest London clocking up 33 stores between them. Kent confirmed it’s middle-class roots with 13 Waitrose stores.

Predictably, the home counties dominated the table, with Kent, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Sussex all making the top 20.

Cambridgeshire surprisingly brings up the rear at number 20, proving that having a world-renowned university doesn’t guarantee being at the top of every league table.

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