Here they come: The best of the offer holders’ Facebook groups

Comment ur fav emoji 2 b added 2 the group chat!

The excitement of getting A-Level results and the acceptance message from uni can only lead to one thing: heading straight to Facebook to join the freshers' group and meet your new friends!!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed almost-freshers have begun drafting their welcome messages, sharing their course, flat number and their whole damn life story across social media today.

So we had a look at some of the freshers' groups for people starting uni this September, and let's just say there are some serious keen beans.

Judging you based on your emoji choices

Tension in the ranks already

Only three month!! So exciting!! Can't wait to meet new #friends!

Heads up, you are definitely going to miss out

Nice try, we all know English was your first choice degree and you didn't get the grades

Who knew this was a degree?

Nope. Absolutely none. From the whole year, you are the chosen one.

Oooh friend!! Thespian friend!!

"I can actually have a really good night sober". Yeah fuck off I bet you call a quiet pub and bed at midnight a wild night

Literally WHY would you go to uni at 17?

Voting time guys!

Wow all these people have voted for such original ideas. I can tell you for a fact that only two of these things are certain, and "FREEDOM!!!" certainly isn't one of them.