These are the best outfits spotted at this year’s Houghton festival

More like HOT-ton festival

The 10th-13th August may have been a totally normal weekend to some, but to others it was filled with amazing music and art at the fabulous Houghton Festival, based in the grounds of a stately home in Norfolk.

The revellers were on true festival form, dressing to the nines in glitter and groovy garms. Here is a selection of the best dressed from the weekend.

Molly, Sian and Chelsea

Gals gals gals ?????? #houghtonfestival #festigals

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As with any festival, there was a strong presence of glitter, from oodles of face and body glitter, to full length glittery jumpsuits, as these girls are wearing.

Rebecca and friend

More face glitter and glittery jackets to match!


Look at her! ? #houghtonfestival

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Houghton hussy – woodland shroom #houghtonfestival #houghtonfestival2017 #shroombrella #woodlandshroom

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There was definitely a memo sent out about fancy umbrellas being a Y E S this year. These gals are winning fashion, all while staying protected from everything mother nature had to throw at them.

Ami and Ida


#houghtonfestival #flowerpower #balloons #pullupyourpants #trojansoundsystem

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Honestly though, have festival-goers ever looked so glam?

Louisa and Zephirine

Here's looking at you two

Here’s looking at you two

You cant go without funky accesories, they take the outfit from zero to hero, as these girls are showing us, with their googly eyes and pink heart shaped glasses.


@wjleonard amongst the #firs ???#houghtonfestival

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Its official: glasses really are too cool for school, sometimes simple accessories are the way to go.


This guy has festival dressing down to a T.

Liz and friend

Rainbow! Pom poms! Cool glasses! Sparkly jackets! Faux Fur! A sparkly pineapple sippy cup! There’s so much going on here and honestly we love it, it goes to show that sometimes more is definitely more.

Louisa and Rosanna

Here’s the googly-eye girls back at it again with everyone’s favourite accessory – a bottle of wine.


Racheal T in da ⛺️ #nairobicandles #houghtonfestival

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And we couldn’t leave this special mention off the list, he’s looking fabulous in only a fur coat and a pair of patterned pants.