Here are the best dressed people at Boomtown this year

Putting the ‘boom’ in Boomtown

Boomtown, a kind of real-life Westworld but with more ket and less Anthony Hopkins. With more glitter than Glasto, Boomtown lets its inhabitants run wild with a no-holds-barred fashion scene that makes even Secret Garden Party uneasy. Scroll down to check out the flyest fair goers from this year's Boomtown.


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Am I the only one getting HSM3 Sharpay vibes??



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Rosie looks like some kind of magical unicorn amidst a sea of blue and green tents.

Daisy and friend

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This guy clearly finds any excuse to show off those pins while Daisy highlights how to master deconstructed masculinity.


A prime example of how to pull off Burberry – paired effortlessly with Barbie specs, fur and a pout.


Not all heroes wear capes? Yes they bloody do.


Alex, ft. strategically-placed hand, takes ever the opportunity to free those sparkly nips.


There's something quite beaut about Becca's animalistic buns juxtaposed with hunter camo pants.


boomtown was a DREAM and I want to be back there already ✨? (thanks Mal for dis pic) #boomtown

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Ever since Kylie Minogue donned the gold shorties, anything gold and skin tight has been an instant winner. Lara gets bonus points for pulling off the feathered shrug and a hat.


Made me some new trousers!

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We're loving these guys and their homemade Aladdin inspired harem pants, perfect for hot festival nights.


Some more unicorn vibes from Lauren, going the extra mile with playful sunnies and fancy-dress headband.

Mandy and G

me n my shipmate ❤️⚔❤️

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Aye aye sailor! If this isn't couple goals I don't know what is.

Georgie and Millie

boomtown you have my heart and my soul

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It's refreshing to see these besties modelling a look that can be taken straight from the main stage to the mainstream club.

Amy, Alex, Fleur and pals

My 90s baby sensors are ringing off the hook for this modern take on the Spice Girls.