These are the unis where you’re most likely to get a first or a 2:1

Sorry Bedfordshire

Going to uni and coming away with less than a 2:1 is, frankly, a disaster. Luckily, we can tell you which uni you should be at to avoid that fate, with the Good University Guide revealing which universities award the highest percentage of firsts and 2:1s.

Commiserations to those who are currently studying at the University of Bedfordshire, it appears as though the numbers are not on your side seeing only 50 per cent of your students leaving the university with a first or a 2:1.

It comes as no surprise to see those at Oxbridge being completely sorted with 90 per cent of their students graduating above a 2:2.

This table shows you which university you want to try and get yourself into to increase your chances of graduating with a 2:1, if not a first.

Universities giving the most firsts and 2:1s

[infogram id=”166decf6-baad-43df-96af-5afd4414b6e5″ prefix=”cIT” format=”interactive” title=”Unis giving most firsts and 2:1s”]