‘I put my new guy on the phone to him’: You confessed the most savage ways you’ve rejected people

You’re all horrible

Sometimes people come on too strong, sometimes they don’t go away, and sometimes they’re just grim. But each time they all had to be rejected.

People tell us the savage ways they’ve rejected people and if it worked…

Grace, 20, Student

There’s been a few, the best one was when I told a guy I preferred his brother.

Danielle, 24, Journalist

I was casually seeing two guys at the start of uni, and they both kinda knew as we were all in halls together. I was with guy A one night, and guy B found out. He stood outside the flat where I was and called me 36 times. I’m not even exaggerating. He literally would not stop, so I eventually answered and just put guy A on the phone. I’m not proud of it, but he didn’t call again after that.

Dan, 21, Graduate

My mate broke up with his girlfriend by calling her answerphone and playing “Another Girl” by the Beatles down the line, as he was two-timing her.

Annabel, 21, Journalist

I was kinda seeing this guy it was very casual but he wanted something more serious. I met one of his friends and we got along really well and ended up getting with him. The guy I was seeing was like if you do this again I’ll break up with you. So I got with his friend in front of him.

Tommy, 22, Student

I knew this guy was interested in me but like he hadn’t officially asked me out so I couldn’t exactly so no to him. So I just got with his best mate. Worked nicely.

Maz, Student

Once in Maga my friend started talking to this guy who went to Loughborough uni. We tried to get rid of him by saying we were going to the next bar, but he ended up coming with us and leaving all his friends behind in the previous club. It was very awkward as he obvs thought he was going to get lucky, but we were like “ew no”. Anyway he went to the toilet and he was like “wait here and I’ll see you in a minute” and as soon as his back was turned we literally bolted for the door. We still laugh about it now, though do feel a bit guilty. If you’re out there, soz.

Holly, 20, student

I was in a club and this guy was really trying to graft but failing miserably, so I got with his sister in front of him.


Chloe, 20, student

If I’ve already started getting with a guy and I decide against, I just start crying. They always panic and hand me back to my friends.

Jess, 21, student

I was very drunk at a house party and this guy kept trying to talk to me. After trying to avoid him all night I told him – way too loud so the whole room could hear – that I couldn’t get with him because he looked like a person who would have a tiny penis. He looked really sad and then walked out.

Reuben, 21, recent graduate

I once told a girl I could never love her. I thought this was the right thing to say to my then girlfriend.

Lucy, 20, student

A guy I’d matched with on Tinder came up to me in a club but was creepy af in person. So first I ran and hid in the toilets, then when he was waiting for me outside when I left later in the night (wtf). I was piggy backed away from his bullshit while I unmatched, blocked his number and deleted him Facebook.

Mark, 23, sales

I woke up the morning after doing the deed at uni, and to stop her trying to say anything I told her I was a milkman and had to go on my milkround.

Jamie, 20, student

I broke up with her by showing her the text her older sister had sent me asking me out, and my reply “yes”.